Superga Sale Items
Superga Sale Items

Superga was established in Italy in 1911 in Turin, and instantly began selling their high quality plimsolls and canvas shoes. A design that has always been timeless, and can never really be made better Superga have bought into this and brought their own line of luxury plimsolls to first Italy and then the fashion world in Europe and the UK. These plimsolls are high end quality and have spent the entire of their 100 year existence developing the sole unit to provide maximum comfort and durability. They now have a hardwearing shoe that thanks to the lowered ankle line is much more comfortable than its rivals, and combines this with a vulcanised rubber sole, and a variety of inner linings such as canvas, fleece and leather all available. The Superga footwear range is about to go big in the UK, but for the meantime why not pick up a few of the older pieces in the sale, saving yourself some pounds, and ensuring that you'll be one of the first in your group of friends to own a pair of shoes, dubbed the 'People's Shoes of Italy'. The Superga shoes in the sale are at a fantastic bargain price with massive reductions taken from the RRP meaning you really can pick up some cheap Superga trainers in a variety of colours and styles that will fit your budget. Grab a pair or two now, as once they're gone, they're gone and some of these are discontinued styles, not to be missed!