adidas Originals Training

adidas Originals Training

Choose adidas Originals Training for your workout 

If you're looking for gym clothes, the adidas Originals Training range has a wide variety of personal fitness wear that will suit your needs.

From gym-ready T shirts with mesh panels that provide ventilation and cooling during workouts, to high-tech sweat-wicking fabric - they have it all!

adidas Originals Training

Functional workout gear


That's why adidas Originals has created a range of gym clothes that are practical, durable, breathable and comfortable to wear when you're pushing yourself in the gym or out on your favourite running route.

All of the clothing in the Athletic Originals Collection is designed with distinctive details that help create stand-out items. The high-performance fabrics, flat seams and stretch fabric give you the edge in your next workout. The vibrant colours and attractive designs look great when you're pounding the pavement or throwing weights around in the gym.

The Training range of adidas Originals clothes has been designed to work with you, not against you. With innovative features that keep sweat off your skin or help cool you down when you're flat out, the adidas Originals collection is packed full of functional gym gear that takes your workout to the next level.


Built for performance


Whether you're training for an event or just getting started as a regular gym-goer, adidas has the range of clothing that you need. Their workout gear is designed to provide optimum performance and user comfort so you can focus on your workout and achieve your goals.

With stylish T shirts, high-performance vests and base layers that offer you plenty of space to move, their Training collection has everything that you need for the gym. With bold colours and athletic prints, the collection is designed for optimal movement with every workout.

The Training range features an extensive collection of clothing that works to keep you cool, dry and smelling fresh. The ridged fabrics wick away sweat from your skin while anti-odour technology kicks in when you're working up a sweat. You can trust that adidas Originals will have the perfect combination of style, fit and function to take your workout game to the next level.