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Written by Andy | 29/04/2010

G Star Raw, or G Star as it is more commonly known, is a Dutch company that first began producing its denim and clothing in 1989. Firstly known as Gap Star their name was changed after the company went international to ensure there was no confusion between G Star and the popular American brand Gap. The brand prides itself on being a creator of premium denims but also specialises in raw denim, first created by G Star in 1996. Raw denim is an unwashed, untreated pair of jeans that requires the wearer to not wash or mark the jeans for the first 6-8 months of being worn to allow the denim to naturally take shape and distress. This gives the wearer a pair of jeans that are unique to them, as no two pairs will ever end up the same. These amazing characteristics make the brand what it is today, giving it the distinct and unorthodox style in the fashion and denim world that makes it such an appealing brand to most of Europe and certain parts of the world, such as America and Australia.

According to the official G Star Raw website “Innovation and perfection of the product are imperative to G Star” with this fantastic ethos the basis of every collection is born – the amazing range of jeans. To this basis of best selling styles and washes the G Star Jeans design department strive to add something new and fresh each and every season, and this desire has led them to some serious breakthroughs in the past few years, allowing the Dutch brand with worldwide appeal to break many barriers and appeal to a massive section of the designer jeans market. One of these breakthroughs came from the French designer Jean Pierre Morissette, who in 1996 helped design one of the most popular styles of G Star jeans to date, the G Star Elwood. The Elwood design constructs the jeans through patches and stitching to include a knee panel that in turn allows much more movement in the knees due to the extended amount of denim and the slight curve in the line of the jeans, ensuring that they fit the human anatomy better than a perfectly straight pair of jeans. The G Star Elwood Heritage has been a best seller at Mainline Menswear since the brand was first introduced in 2002, and continues to be a strong part of the jeans collection going forward into Autumn Winter 10 and Spring Summer 11. This style of jeans paired with other greats such as Radar, Storm and Rovic make the offering from the G Star Jeans department as strong as any other designer denims range.

The comfort and style of the customer is taken into account every season with G Star and this season is no different. G Star has begun to colour code the fits of their jeans, with each designed pair falling into one of the five coloured categories. This has been designed to help customers identify their preferred fit of G Star jeans and then recognise their favourites when they next purchase, making sure that the stylish G Star wearer will always feel comfortable and confident in a pair of jeans that they know will fit them correctly and feel like the other pairs of G Star Raw denims in his wardrobe. The five colour coded categories are as follows:

Grey – Slim Fit
Red – Straight Fit
Blue – Boot Fit
Green – Loose Fit
Yellow – Tapered Fit

These fantastic fits are very different in their appearance, but make up an outstanding range of G Star Jeans. For example, if you already own a pair of Scuba Elwood Jeans it will be well worth checking in the washing label of the jeans for which style the jeans are as they can now be from the green or yellow section, loose or tapered. Knowing how you like your jeans to fit will go a long way to helping you pick from the new styles G Star release each season, making sure you’ll always have a top pair of G Star jeans.

The G Star clothing compliments the G Star jeans and takes on a certain military styling, with ideas and designs taken from vintage military clothing and apparel from around the world. As the product ranges have expanded, G Star have broadened their concepts to ensure that their clothing and jeans appeal to a wider market of people than ever before but in keeping with the styles and ethos that have made the end product so popular for the past 20 years or so.

Like Mainline Menswear are trend setters, not followers G Star have never been a company to follow the crowd…Just the product

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