A Little Something for the Weekend Sir?

Written by Andy | 24/03/2011


New in at Mainline Menswear urban fashion brand Weekend Offender is set to offer a much brighter outlook to the world of streetwear and casual brands. Born in the mid noughties or 2000s the Weekend Offender clothing brand started out as a range of graphical crew neck t shirts, much like the ones that are available in today’s spring summer collection. The chest designs are eye catching, colourful and draw your attention while the colours used on the t shirt seasonally are selected to inspire and add some colour to the streets of the UK. Keep a close eye on the logo carrying t shirts, but also the song lyrics printed on the chest such as the Stardust song “music sounds better with you” and the Libertines Time for Heroes lyrics “did you see the stylish kids in the riot” which goes on to finish the rest of the song up until the chorus, and not forgetting the lyrics to the superb Primal Scream song Rocks.


In 2010 the brand changed direction slightly and began to offer a much larger selection to the Weekend Offender t shirts fans around the UK. Alongside the popular t shirts they now offered polo shirts, cagoules and jackets, jumpers and track tops and hoodys all carrying the Weekend Offender text logo or bird logo on the chest or hem. Since this change around the Weekend Offender brand has shot to relative stardom with young lads everywhere snapping up the slightly more subtle jumpers and polos as opposed to the graphical t shirts, ensuring that the brand is gaining massive exposure.
As with any brand that has its own unique personality and following there are quirks to the collections with colourful buttons and logos, on trend clothing but also interesting additions like the ‘up all night’ kit that comes in a concealed pocket in the crew jacket, holding a foldaway toothbrush and paste so that you can be away from home as long as you need, but always have clean teeth!
Last season the brand was seen among many famous names, but also around the streets, pubs and clubs of the UK as well as the top holiday destinations for sun, sea and alcohol. Famous names include Mike Skinner, Carl Cox, Nic Fanciulli, Louis Osbourne and Goldielocks not forgetting some of the top DJs around at the


Weekend Offender is a brand on the rise and will be a very focal brand for the summer with plenty of the bright t shirts expected to be seen everywhere. Why not set the trend in your group now and have a look at the brand new Weekend Offender clothes.

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