Get the Look – James Bond in Latest Film SkyFall

Written by Andy | 16/10/2012

James Bond SkyFall Style Vivienne Westwood SuitPicture the scene: You’re on a train travelling out of Istanbul in Turkey and you can hear numerous loud thuds, bangs and exclamations of pain coming from the roof above your carriage. As the train hurtles into a tunnel the banging stops, before starting again as the train begins to cross the huge Varda viaduct that spans one of Turkey’s many valleys. As you move closer to the window to try to catch a glimpse of what is making the noises you hear a different noise, almost like a gunshot, and a suited man falls motionless from the roof of the carriage into the water and depths below the viaduct. This is a (much) shortened version of the opening scenes of the latest Bond flick SkyFall. Why take an interest in Bond you ask? Because, he is by far one of Britain’s most stylish men at the moment.


Bond’s style and dress sense has, in my opinion, taken a huge upturn since Daniel Craig was chosen to carry the much coveted secret service numeric title. Despite the films portraying the role of 007 as a dark, slightly depressing and much more vulnerable character Daniel Craig has brought his rather clothes horse-esq frame with him and is as comfortable in sharp tailored Tom Ford suits as he is in sports jackets, trousers and brogue boots. With scenes ranging from the very familiar surroundings of London and Scotland to the slightly more exotic Turkey, Shanghai and an abandoned Island off the coast of Japan Bond needs a wide range of clothing and attire for his travels, and we at Mainline Menswear have just the outfits you’ll need to carry off the ‘British Spy’ fashion trend from SkyFall.


James Bond SkyFall Style Armani PeacoatFirstly we’ll take a look at the iconic Bond dress code – the suit. While tailoring for the film was commissioned exclusively to American Tom Ford we have decided to keep our special agent exclusively in British tailoring and footwear. Vivienne Westwood Man London has provided the regular fitting dark grey wool suit and cotton tie while the footwear comes from Ted Baker and their classic Hake design. Finished with a crisp J Lindeberg dusty blue oxford cotton shirt our very own version takes the best of Britain and adds in a European twist on a British style of shirt.

While this will have you ready for action on a day to day basis the weather in the UK can take an instant turn, so when Bond takes to the rooftops of the MI6 HQ in SkyFall he’s added some much needed warmth to his suit with a beautiful wool peacoat, knitted scarf and leather gloves. For our own MMW agent we have taken the best from Italy, German and Nottingham by adding an Armani double breasted peacoat, Hugo Boss Black leather gloves and a warm knitted scarf from Paul Smith.


James Bond SkyFall Style Vivienne Westwood Sporting JacketIf this Bond style is a little too smart and authoritative for your own personal fashion sense then fear not – as at the start of SkyFall Bond goes AWOL after a botched shooting goes wrong and returns a little worse for wear and carrying off a much more casual look. With stubble a major feature Daniel Craig took to the rolling hills and castles of the Scottish highlands in a very on trend outfit that catered for warmth and function. In the second of our outfits you’ll see our agent mixing casual trousers and a sports jacket with smart brogue boots. From the feet upwards we have H by Hudson Bloomfield boots, black Armani trousers, a grey cotton sweatshirt from Ralph Lauren and the same grey Paul Smith scarf as before. There is one key item that finishes this outfit. The brown Vivienne Westwood sporting jacket is both functional and great looking, adding that British tailoring and style to the casual outfit.

Other key pieces from throughout the film include a vintage Levis leather jacket, with a similar design being found for much less in the Anerkjendt jackets section, Orlebar Brown swimming shorts which can be mimicked by G Star’s CC swim shorts and the Omega Seamaster that can be loosely copied by the Toy Fluo Only Time watch. With such a selection of amazing designer brands at Mainline Menswear you’re bound to be able to piece together your very own James Bond look. Keep it simple, clean and tailored and you won’t go very far wrong.


Daniel Craig will be hitting the screens of cinemas countrywide from Friday the 26th of October in his latest James Bond role in SkyFall. The film is the latest in the 23 strong collection of spy films and Craig’s 3rd appearance as 007 since taking over from Pierce Brosnan. Expect twists, action and adventure in the latest emotion filled Bond film – SkyFall.

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