Graphic T Shirts Still Proving To Be a Latest Trend

Written by Andy | 17/09/2012

Blood Brother Graphical T ShirtsThis summer’s key trend has been without a doubt the graphical t shirt. Available in a variety of colours the graphics take a large selection of forms from slogans through to scenes, photography and artistic drawings. The two main brands for this over the summer have been the newly brought in Blood Brother and Cuckoo’s Nest while a whole host of established brands have offered their support of the trend with Firetrap, Diesel, Edwin, Humor, 55DSL, Gio Goi, Weekend Offender and many more providing a range of topless girls, men in masks, skeletons, branding and other insights into the minds and worlds of graphic and fashion designers. With over 2,000 t shirts available on the Mainline Menswear website there will be a great number of these that feature graphic designs, and moving forwards into the autumn season we’ll be seeing a great selection of these selling very quickly.

As the weather gets colder the trends will switch towards coats, knitwear, boots, hats and scarves however while we’re still getting warm days, and a dry October is expected, graphic t shirts will still continue to be seen by many. And while the focus may turn to the above while we can see rain, wind and snow hitting our windows the fashionable guy still needs something to wear underneath the many layers, with graphic t shirts again set be a popular choice with the younger guys. This means that the Blood Brother, Cuckoo’s Nest and Firetrap brands will be a number one destination for those looking for new t shirts, and also a great place for family and friends to start their Christmas shopping for that certain on trend lad. Priced between £20 and £40 these are perfect for the upcoming season, but will also carry forwards into 2013 with new brand Death By Zero due to bolster the numbers further.

If you’re still unsure of wearing such striking t shirts under layers and layers this winter then why not check out the growing selection of graphical sweatshirts that will ensure these eye catching and inspirationally designed graphics and prints can be one layer closer to being seen by the public. Head over to Mainline Menswear now to pick up some of the best trends and fashions including the graphical t shirts that have caught the imagination this summer.

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