Ryder Cup 2012 – Europe Win in Style!

Written by Andy | 01/10/2012

You will have done well to avoid the media coverage and hype surrounding The 2012 Ryder Cup – a popular international golf tournament which took place at the weekend!

The Ryder Cup is a biennial international golf tournament which places the best European Golfers alongside their American opponents in a bid to decide which continent produces the best golfing professionals. The Ryder Cup is unique in many ways, not least because it is jointly administered by the two powerhouse governing bodies present within the sport of Golf; The PGA of America and the PGA European Tour.

The 2012 Ryder Cup was held in Chicago, USA, at The Medinah Country Club and, in keeping with the tradition of alternating venues between Europe & The USA, will next year be held in Scotland. The 2012 Ryder Cup was an extraordinary sporting event, not least because of the manner in which the winning team clinched a dramatic late victory!

The European Ryder Cup Team was victorious and they ended up winning in some style! The European Golfers looked dead and buried mid-way through the second day of play on Saturday and they were rightly being written off by pundits, bookmakers and golf fans from around world. The question on most people’s minds mid-way through the Saturday session with America leading the tie by a resounding 10 – 4 was “by how much will the American’s win?” but, in a most remarkable turnaround, the Europeans managed to pull off the greatest comeback in the history of the competition!

To put it into some kind of context as to how much of an outstanding achievement this was for the European Ryder Cup team, the largest final day come back previously mounted successfully against the Americans was a turnaround following a mere two point deficit. Not to mention that some of the bookmakers had the Europeans at 25 – 1 to win during the final days play on Sunday – during which time a £100 stake on the European team to win would have returned winnings of £2,500!

You might be wondering why we’re talking about a Ryder Cup Golf Tournament here on the Mainline Menswear Blog and the reason goes beyond the fact that the European victory was executed in some style (pun intended)! We are focusing not just on the stylish achievement of the European Ryder Cup team, but on the general sophistication and smartness often associated with the game of Golf in general!

The Crossover between Golf and Men’s Fashion…

There is little doubt that Golf is an extremely fashion-conscious and stylish sport. Household name men’s designer clothing labels such as Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger invest millions of pounds every year to ensure that professional golfer’s look and feel their best out on the fairways, and the diversity of clothing manufacturers committed to bringing style and innovation to the golf course continues to grow as popularity of the sport continues to grow.

Did you know, for example, that this year’s team USA strip was designed and constructed by Ralph Lauren? The company synonymous with water polo has, over the past decade or so, been linked with the sport of golf largely due to their impressive collection of brightly coloured polo shirts.

The highly distinctive USA team strip was commissioned by Ralph Lauren for the first time ever this year and the renowned fashion retailer did not disappoint; marking their Ryder Cup Debut in true style – Ralph Lauren created an iconic polo shirt for Team USA which included a nod to the colours, stars and the stripes held so dearly by the nation!

Not to be outdone, the European’s even had a famous Irish fashion designer (Paul Costelloe) create matching outfits for their entourage, including frocks, jackets and handbags for the wives and girlfriends accompanying their loved ones on this most memorable golf tournament! This didn’t attract from how subtly stylish the European team were when they took to the greens, particularly on Sunday when they paid a stylish tribute to the late great Seve Ballesteros; wearing navy blue golf trousers with a contrasting blue polo shirt – a style which was favoured by the European golfing legend.

While you cannot buy the actual replica polo shirts worn by the US & European Ryder Cup teams on the Mainline Menswear website we do have a range of stylish men’s designer polo shirts designed to make you perform better and stand out from the crowd down at your local golf club.

You will find over 800 different styles of men’s designer polo t-shirt online at Mainline Menswear. Shop all polo t-shirts here.


5 of the Best Golf Polo Shirts at Mainline Menswear

1. Ralph Lauren Custom Fit Newport Navy Polo T- Shirt

Ralph Lauren Custom Fit Polo Shirt - Newport NavyHow could we not allow for Ralph Lauren to feature prominently as we break down five of our favourite men’s designer polo shirts after their great work in kitting out the losing team! The Newport Navy design decorates the classic ‘Custom’ fit polo shirt by Ralph Lauren, featuring quality cotton ribbed cuffs and polo collar with contrasting dark navy, pale blue and white horizontal stripes throughout.

This golf polo t-shirt features the signature Ralph Lauren Polo player logo which is embroidered onto the left chest in a contrasting pale blue, which we think looks just perfect against the Newport Navy stripe!

This Ralph Lauren Custom Fit Newport Navy Polo is available now at Mainline Menswear in Small – XX Large for the modest price of £85.00.

2. Ralph Lauren Custom Fit Royal Blue Polo T-Shirt

Ralph Lauren Custom Fit Polo T Shirt Royal BlueOur second recommendation also comes from Ralph Lauren and also features contrasting blue horizontal stripes, although this time it’s a little bit mixed up in terms of stripe width. Whereas the previous recommendation featured a repetitive horizontal striped pattern, the Royal Blue finish sees this top quality weathered mesh polo shirt decorated with mixed width stripes in royal blue, pale blue, navy and white.

As you would expect, the iconic Ralph Lauren Polo player logo has been embroidered onto the left chest in a contrasting pale blue which looks amazing against the backdrop of a wider, slightly darker royal blue horizontal stripe.

Any golfer serious about style should not be without a Ralph Lauren polo t-shirt or three in their wardrobe! Should you be currently lacking in this department then there has never been a better time to get involved and own some contemporary classics like this Royal Blue Polo Shirt by Ralph Lauren.

Buy the Ralph Lauren Custom Fit Polo T-Shirt in Royal Blue from Mainline Menswear today! Priced at a very reasonable £85.00 and available in Small – XX Large, we don’t expect this design to hang around long so don’t sleep on it!

3. Ralph Lauren Custom Fit Stripe Polo T-Shirt

Ralph Lauren Custom Fit Stripe Polo T Shirt Cream We really couldn’t leave this one out, simply because of the striking similarities between this fine Ralph Lauren Polo T-Shirt and the one worn by members of Team USA during the 2012 Ryder Cup competition. The lack of a contrasting red stripe across the center of the chest (as with the Ralph Lauren Team US Polo) is made up for by the inclusion of the classic signature Ralph Lauren Polo player logo which is embroidered onto the left chest in a maroon stitching.

The polo shirt is well constructed from solid weathered mesh with an overall contrasting thin stripe pattern in French Navy and Chic Cream. This is a super stylish polo shirt suitable for both the golf course and the boardroom.

Available to buy now from Mainline Menswear for the modest price of £85.00, the Ralph Lauren short sleeved custom fit striped polo shirt can be purchased in Small – XX Large. We mean it when we say that nobody here at Mainline Menswear expects this design to hand around for long so do not sleep on this – go and buy one in your size today and have it delivered tomorrow (if ordered before 4pm)!

4. Lyle & Scott Vintage Fine Stripe Polo T-Shirt Orange

Lyle And Scott Vintage Stripe Polo T Shirt Orange It would have been criminal to put together a list of our favourite men’s polo t-shirts and not include anything by Lyle & Scott! Lyle & Scott, the brand famous for the golden eagle (or the red eagle if you’re purchasing from the heritage collection), first provided clothing to golfers back in 1968, when they launched a golf range at The Open Championship!

We figure that, since they’ve been making polo shirts and base layers since 1968, Lyle & Scott are more than worth the mention given here in this post.

More about the polo t-shirt in question; This Lyle & Scott Vintage short sleeved polo t-shirt comes in a contrasting orange and black with a very fine striped allover pattern. A conflicting solid black collar and ribbed cuffs really bring a touch of distinction and class to this classic Lyle & Scott polo t-shirt. As with all Lyle & Scott products, this polo shirt fits very well – and we all know that when you feel great on the golf course, you play great on the golf course!

This Polo T-Shirt from Lyle & Scott weighs in at only £60 and is available to buy right now on Mainline Menswear in sizes Small – XX Large.

Mainline Menswear are extremely proud of our long established business relationship with Lyle & Scott and this is reflected in our amazing collection of over 230 Lyle & Scott pieces, many of which are super stylish polo t-shirts designed to light up the golf course!

5. Hugo Boss Green Paddy 2 Polo T-Shirt Black

HUGO BOSS Green 'Paddy 2' Polo T-Shirt Black With the amount of money Hugo Boss pour into endorsing professional golf players and sponsoring prestigious golf tournaments, it seemed wrong to omit them from our list of the top 5 golf polo t-shirts available to buy at Mainline Menswear! Not just that, but we have a fantastic collection of Hugo Boss designer clothing including the coveted Hugo Boss Green (the Hugo Boss sub-label dedicated to providing quality sportswear with a fashionable twist, particularly golf)!

There is an air of exclusivity surrounding the Hugo Boss Green clothing and this is because it isn’t available everywhere – in fact Hugo Boss are very selective over the independent retailers who can stock it! Luckily for you, a fantastic range of Hugo Boss Green polo t-shirts is always available at Mainline Menswear – helping you look and perform your best while out on the fairway!

While we can guarantee that the Hugo Boss Green ‘Paddy 2’ Polo T-Shirt will make you look like a professional golfer, unfortunately, we cannot provide similar assurances that it will make you perform like a professional on the golf course – that bit is down to you!

The ‘Paddy 2’ Polo T-Shirt by Hugo Boss features a panelled design utilising subtle and stylish colours in black, white and marl grey. The top button has green stitching and the shirt features a large black ribbed collar with grey marl and white double micro stripes following all the way around. Grey marl ribbed cuffs finish the short sleeves and the signature Hugo Boss logo features on the left chest in a silver-grey finish. There is also a silver metal stud logo on the reverse of the neck.

This garment features so much more than any of the other 4 featured here, in terms of both design and construction. If you have had the privilege of owning any Hugo Boss Green golf clothing then you will know the reasons why one simply had to make it into this list! Buy now from Mainline Menswear from £90 – available in Small – XX Large.

Don’t let this list of 5 fool you into thinking we don’t cater for the discerning, stylish golfer – Mainline Menswear currently stock hundreds of golf polo shirts from brands including Luke 1977, J Lindeberg, Armani EA7, Lyle & Scott, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Adidas Originals. If you can’t find the product you’re looking for then be sure to try our new and improved search facility which allows you to drill down and only display the products you want to see!

Alternatively, if there is any particular piece of designer golf clothing you are interested in then please do get in touch!

Last but not least – A huge congratulations to Team Europe on a victory which will last long in the memory of many golfing enthusiasts!

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