Unite a Casual Outfit with a Blazer

Written by Kimberley | 06/12/2012

The X Factor on Sunday night was a shock for many I’m sure – even I was a tad gutted to see the boy band Union J leave the competition (not a huge X Factor fan), but maybe for different reasons… When I do make time to sit down and watch the X Factor my attention is usually stolen by the styling of the contestants rather than their talent, especially now there’s limited talent left **pulling a slanted dash guilty smiley**, with the exception of James Arthur though – he should SO WIN!! Back to Union J, the topic of the blog, they did wear some very stylish outfits during their time on the X Factor. There was one particular trend they pulled off perfectly which has inspired me to put some outfits together following the similar trend, and of course I will share these with you.

I spotted the trend on a Saturday night live show whilst I was in Wales visiting my sister, who is an X Factor addict! I was instantly attracted and shouted “I need a photo!!!” I practically jumped on the television to grab the right moment to take a photo on my iPhone when the screen paused at the perfect moment… Oh yes, I forgot that I live in the dark ages with my bog standard digital box and my sister (a geeky TV addict!) owns a Sky+ box! I snapped this shot of the boy band and ideas came flooding to my head of blazers, turtle neck jumpers, V neck t shirts and skinny jeans – all of which I have personally handled, inspected and described in the data entry office at Mainline Menswear headquarters.

Although I am quite reluctant to admit this as I like to think of myself as a bit of a style guru, I have to be honest, when I think of blazers I imagine formal uniforms and would probably only dress a blazer with a shirt and tie. This has been an eye opener into a new, casual trend that has inspired me to think outside of the box, because I love the unique way that each member of the boy band is wearing a blazer, and now I want to inspire you because I think we need to see more young men dressed like this! It is also a perfect look if you’re not a formal dressing kinda guy because you can be as casually creative as you like. There can be no excuses not to either, as the look is so easy to steal with similar styles that can be found on Mainline Menswear, and here are a few I put together (with my new creative head on).

I have used three of the lad’s outfits as inspiration because one of them is a blazer worn with a simple shirt and tie, and that is the style we have established I am a pro at. They are all very different and fortunately they do include layers as well as the actual blazer itself so they are suitable outfits for the winter.


Each outfit carries its own unique style and all of them feature a different blazer. Blazers are bursting through Mainline Menswear’s doors at the moment with recent deliveries of Autumn Winter and Spring Summer stock from brands such as Ted Baker, G Star and Pretty Green. With varied styles selected for this blog, in corduroy, denim and soft cotton fabrics, you can begin to see the endless possibilities with this particular garment, especially when you consider that all of the blazers have been teamed with either coloured chinos like the brown Ralph Lauren’s, navy Dockers and the black super skinny jeans from Dr Denim. Also there are jumpers that are stylish enough to be worn alone but provide a customised look when teamed with a blazer, just like the Ted Baker jazzy knitted jumper, and the plain, yet sophisticated look of a turtle neck (roll neck) jumper which is worn with a fitted plain black blazer by Pretty Green. As for the Emporio Armani V neck t shirt, this is better suited toward a man who prefers to look stylish but not stand out from the crowd. The burst of the turquoise colour gives the denim blazer something else.

The key to a successful outfit incorporating the blazer jacket is to team your colours and fabrics properly – I was faced with many blue denim G Star blazers which then provide limitations to complete an outfit, for instance they won’t wear well with denim jeans (denim on denim is generally a no go). On the other hand as my photographs prove, showing three different necklines (Crew, V and roll necks), wearing different styles and shapes shouldn’t be an issue.

Outfit number one (from left) is practically purely Ted Baker and it simply oozes class but I’m favouring outfit number three with a not-so-common (YET!), roll/turtle neck jumper, and teamed with a simple classic blazer this outfit is good enough to wear to a posh restaurant and bar.

My interest in how to style turtle neck jumpers is growing, and even more so since brands are delivering more of them! Perhaps I need to partake in some research into the turtle neck jumper? I think that might be worth a read…

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