What ‘She’ Wants You to Wear To Bed

Written by Kimberley | 27/11/2012

Ralph Lauren calls it ‘sleepwear’, Emporio Armani calls it ‘underwear’ and Hugo Boss calls it ‘nightwear’. I call them ‘jim jams’ – the things your mother dressed you in for bed when you were a kid. I bet there are many women out there that are trying to dress their men in them today too!! I know I am! And so I should be when he turns our thermostat dial up to the max and wastes valuable spending money on gas to keep the central heating on constant for a warm house!

As soon as winter begins and the dark nights set in, the days are not long enough to do much, especially after a hard day at work, so I hibernate and I do this wearing nothing other than my comfy pyjamas and wrapping up in a thick fleecy dressing gown. Now I know there must be some rule hidden in the ‘How To Be A Man’ guide book that states you should only wear boxer shorts to bed and that pyjamas are forbidden, but stuff that when there’s ice forming on the inside of your bedroom windows!! Besides, what woman wants to snuggle up to a cold man? That’s something to think about…

My boyfriend has started to wear some of the loungewear that I have bought for him in the past, and to be honest the way they are being designed, they look less like pyjamas and more like jogging pants with t shirts and even tracksuits. Just like the designs by Hugo Boss Black and Emporio Armani. They are also constructed purely from soft cotton which makes them breathable and loose enough to wear in bed too.
Designer Pyjamas at Mainline Menswear
There is still something I am struggling to talk my boyfriend around agreeing to wear… and it is what I consider the most important piece of nightwear in winter… the dressing gown. I think I might have to buy him it as a Christmas present so he doesn’t have a choice! With terry towelling cotton for a bath robe and a soft cotton jersey fabric gown for lounging in, you can maintain warmth in the routine from the shower/bath to lounging and finally to bed. Again it is the premium brands like Ralph Lauren, Emporio Armani and Hugo Boss Black who provide premium quality dressing gowns with their superior fabrics, sharp designs and trend setting colours. And let’s face it they have been around long enough to know about a man’s needs!
Designer Dressing Gowns at Mainline Menswear
Embrace the winter with bedtime pyjamas and dressing gowns you can step straight into on a cold winter morning while you wait for the house to warm up.


P.S Listen to your woman – if she is not warm, she is grouchy! (A lesson learnt by my boyfriend!!)

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