Belstaff; a British brand with a rich history

Written by Kimberley | 21/11/2013

David Beckham is the new face of legendary biker jacket brand, Belstaff

Belstaff are a brand known for delivering garments with extreme precision and quality.

Founded in Staffordshire back in 1924, the brand originally created jackets for motorcyclists to protect them in all weather conditions catering to risk-taking British aristocrats. Belstaff then created weather- protective coats and jackets for uses other than motorcycle riding as well as a range of other garments to protect in different types of weather. Belstaff are pioneers in getting the perfect mix of practicality and style.
What do you get if you mix together a careful blend of man, machines, countryside and cities? Belstaff.

Belstaff Fashion Collaboration

In the world of fashion, collaborations are an exciting, but not a rare thing. When fashion and celebrity heavyweights collide then great, great things happen… well usually!
Belstaff’s new face of the brand is none other than David Beckham, a particular Mainline Menswear favourite!

With the promotional images shot in black and white reflecting the heritage look, Belstaff’s new campaign sees Beckham designing a collection for the luxury brand which will debut in 2014. Not only is the new collection about reinventing their biker jackets but it will also see a brand new menswear collection. The exciting new range will feature classis pieces from the brand that have been injected with Beckham’s personal touch.

As you can see from the image, the theme of the new campaign is ‘Band of Brothers’ travelling the English Countryside lead by Beckham himself whom is surrounded by fellow bikers in Belstaff attire. Beckham was the guest of honour at the opening of the Belstaff flagship store during London fashion week.

So, why would you choose a Belstaff Jacket to be part of your motorcycle attire?
We have spoken to guest contributor Darren Mann; scooter boy and freelance writer about why he thinks Belstaff Jackets are the top choice for motorcyclists:

“Belstaff are by far ‘the Rolls Royce’ of not only the ‘Biker’ jacket but leathers in general! One name in particular when it comes to the brand’s history – Che Guevara, Google this to find an array of iconic imagery of the man on his motorbike sporting his Belstaff…I myself have a Cordura Belstaff for distance riding on the Lambretta, had I been able to afford a leather version it is without doubt the Trailmaster I would’ve chosen! As for Beckham being the face of the brand – the jury will be out but I always had a soft spot for the lad and why not his mug on the campaign certainly won’t hinder Belstaff sales!”

Is Beckham right for the brand?

In agreement with Darren, Beckham’s face certainly can’t do any damage to the brand! But some lovers of the brand are concerned that Beckham isn’t the right sort of ambassador for Belstaff and he is in fact too clean cut for the biker look, and there’s also the issue of him being a footballer and not a biker. Would serious motorcyclists want to buy a jacket from a footballer?
On the other hand David Beckham, is known for his keen eye for fashion and is a male style icon so Beckham might infact attract a larger for fashion dedicated audience to the brand.

We’d love to know what you think!

It is safe to say, we are definitely looking forward to to the new Belstaff range!

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