Charity Fundraising Superstar: Kate Thomas for Saint Catherine’s Hospice

Written by Kimberley | 12/12/2013




Saint Catherines Hospice LogoBased in Scarborough and serving the Scarborough, Ryedale and East Yorkshire areas, Saint Catherine’s Hospice have a vision which they keep alive, they provide excellent palliative and end of life care which continuously meets and exceeds the needs of the patients under their care and attention. At the heart of St Catherine’s Hospice is their passionate aim of putting their patients at the core of everything they do.

The services of Saint Catherine’s hospice are invaluable, opened in 1985 by Princess Margaret and today they offer the most up to date, modern and highly beneficial facilities to all their patients in need of palliative care.

St Catherine’s Hospice goes from strength to strength, with the help and support of generous donations from the public and incredible charity events organised by groups and individuals alike.

Lauren and KateOur superstar charity fundraiser this week is Kate Thomas, a local young woman from Scarborough, North Yorkshire who sadly lost her father to cancer in 2009. Kate and her family all highly appreciated the care and support that was provided for her father by Saint Catherine’s hospice, therefore Kate decided she would raise as much money as she possibly could by partaking in an extremely brave challenge she had been debating for years; a full head shave. This challenge in particular was not only testing for Kate, but also a difficult loss as she stated that her hair was something she was “trying to grow for well over a year!”

Kate Thomas before and after head shave

A couple of us from Mainline Menswear team went down to the event on Monday the 9th to support Kate and proudly give her our donation, and what an event it was! With incredible support from her friends and family Kate was extremely calm and collected as she had her luscious blonde locks shaved right off. Her humorous and light-hearted approach made the event an absolute joy and luckily for Kate her new shaved head look really suits her and she pulls it off an absolute treat!

Kate’s initial target was £1,000.00 and so far she has gone way beyond that and made an online total of £1,313.00 on ‘just giving’ and this isn’t including any cash/offline donations so she has done incredible! If you’d like to donate to Kate like Mainline Menswear, there is still time and you can do it right here!

                                                                            Take a look at Kate’s incredible journey below!


Kate with Penny from Saint Catherine's Hospice“It was a privilege to be present when Sophie shaved Kate’s hair on Monday. When I met Kate for the first time I was amazed by how matter of fact she was about having all of her hair cut off and how she hoped that by doing something so dramatic, in memory of her dad, people would be generous and sponsor her in aid of Saint Catherine’s Hospice. I know that the initial donations took her by surprise and she soon exceeded her target of £1000. On Monday the total discussed was £1500 which is a fantastic result for our patients and their families.

We all take good health and hair for granted and Kate has shown that everyone can do something to make a difference. The money she has raised will be put to good use in the care and comfort of our patients and for that we are truly grateful to her and everyone who has so generously given their support.

She was already a pretty girl and even after having her head shaved she still looks fabulous. Thank you to everyone at Mainline for your help in raising money for Kate and Saint Catherine’s Hospice.” – Penny Campbell | Fundraiser for Saint Catherine’s Hospice


Planning on doing some fundraising yourself?

If you feel inspired by Kate’s story or the dedication of Saint Catherine’s Hospice and feel like doing some fundraising yourself or planning a charity event in the local area, LET US KNOW! as we’d really love to hear about it.

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