Christmas Gifts for Her

Written by Kimberley | 10/12/2013

Struggling to decide what to get the Mrs for Xmas?
As we all know, shopping for her, despite the obvious is usually a difficult task, as Christmas now isn’t just about buying a new perfume or some chocolates (although we’re not saying don’t do this) a lot more is expected for men to really get it right and with such a huge choice of possible gifts, pieces and accessories to choose from, it can become a tad frustrating trying to decide what to buy, not only that,  the modern day woman tends to treat herself to everything she needs!

So, what do you do in times like these? Get tactful, get clever and find the perfect gift for the woman that has everything with our Xmas gifts for her guide!


1. Give her a top coat of winter frosting!

And we’re not talking about ice, were talking about letting the special lady in your life shimmer with some brand new, fabulous Vivienne Westwood designer jewellery!


2. Bag it up!

Unless you haven’t already noticed then women love their bags, and what will always work in your favour is that a woman can never have too many bags! So how can you go wrong with this choice? Really indulge and choose a designer bag if your pockets are deep enough then you will most certainly score massive points!


3. Putting the ‘i’ in I love you

If budget permits what better way to express your obviously exceptional taste for technology than an iPod? Most of us having active lifestyles and being  lovers of music would highly appreciate a new music device, and with the stunning range of colours you can get them in now they are the perfect accessory for the modern woman.



4. Be a sucker for the easy option, a bit of indulgence, but make sure it’s the best!

Ok, so if you really want to you can go for the indulgent option and get the lady in your life some super special perfume, extra rich chocolates or a bottle of fizz! Just make sure you don’t go for the really cheap stuff as it probably won’t be appreciated too much!


6. Be naughty but nice, if she’s got a sense of humour then take advantage of it!

Some of the greatest Xmas gifts can be those that simply get a laugh, you don’t always have to splash out on lavish gifts, instead why not make her laugh and get her something totally insane? Obviously without offending her too much you could really be a Christmas hit by driving some good laughter!


So there we have it, a great selection of choices for what to buy the lady in your life! From super indulgent gifts and designer jewellery to ridiculous mugs and cheeky stocking fillers you’ll definitely have a better idea of what to buy guys don’t be alarmed if you get it wrong, after all the woman’s always right!

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