Fashion through the decades

Written by Kimberley | 19/11/2013

Let’s have a look through our fashion timeline…

Fashion is the central focus of a decade; from the styles of clothes people are wearing we can usually identify immediately which decade and era they are from. Even those who claim they are not followers of fashion and don’t like been labelled a ‘follower of fashion’ even the clothes they have carefully selected to be different to everyone else’s have in fact, been selected for them.
The roaring 20s Let’s begin looking at the 20s clothing, after all, this was the decade that saw fashion creep into modern society and rules which had been in place for years were starting to be broken. Men began to wear more athletic gear on a daily basis, having a break from the extremely formal attire they were so use to and women began to wear more fashionable and revealing dresses.

The Swinging 60s Groups of brands and designers carefully decide the new seasons fashions and trends every year, straight from the catwalks into the shops our looks are constantly being updated and refreshed with what’s new.

Without a doubt, and even those who were not alive during the 60s, it seems to be everyone’s favourite decade. Why? The swinging 60s was an incredible decade for political change, fashion, peace and much more. We all know this decade for its bright colours, psychedelic art and its peace and love message from the hippies.

The main thing about 60s fashion is what it represented, it reflected social movements, change, love, hairstyles were worn in a variety of styles, lengths and colours and accessories were huge.


Not forgetting how The Beatles were a huge influence on many young men in the 60’s having their clean cut style and hair copied by millions!


The 80s The good old 80s, what we all tend to recognise the 80s for is the somewhat hideous shoulder pads, crazy patters, but most unfortunate of all… THE SHELL SUIT!

The 80s fashions is a time that most people cringe at when looking back at old photos of them with mullets and coats with unattractive patterns on. The number of televisions almost doubled around the world with viewers loving their TV programmes and dose of pop culture.
One of the most interesting things to come out the 80s was the glam rock fashion, this saw men in bands feminise their looks with tight lycra, big hair and make-up.
80s style is actually creeping back into the mainstream today with patterns, bright colours and bomber jackets on the up!

Glam rock band Motley Crue were pioneers in the 80s helping shape a new music fashion.


The 00s As for the 00s we have literally seen so far, a complete mixture of everything. We have seen men loving skinny jeans, harem pants and even the bomber jacket has made a bit of a comeback! As for the more recent 00s we are seeing a rise in formal wear with men choosing the gentlemanly look preferring a suit over a t-shirt and jeans. With the likes of Bradley Cooper, Daniel Craig and Justin Timberlake stepping out looking sophisticated and smart seems to be a must!

Celebrity style icons are paving the way for that formal look, fashion and image are more important today than ever and there is also more scope for individuality than there ever was with magazines and fashion shows educating us into what’s fashionable and what isn’t, we have readily available sources to constantly check upon fashion updates and trends. With social media taking over the works, and apps on the rise it is becoming easier and easier to shop and keep up with fashion, at the touch of a button you can have an outfit delivered right to your door.


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