Get the Look for the British Summer – Wet and Warm

Written by Andy | 06/08/2013

The British weather really is one of those global jokes that never seems to go away, but this summer it seems to have really lived up to all expectations as it can be absolutely throwing it down with rain but still be warm enough for shorts and t shirt. This sort of unpredictability can play havoc with the choices of many men around the UK as do you dress to stay warm, or dress to stay dry? It’s a big dilemma that sees soaking wet through shorts and t shirt clad men opposite hot and bothered guys in jeans, shoes and coats.

The answer has to be ‘the British summer look’ which can be achieved at Mainline Menswear. With 100 different brands on the site and a huge collection of around 8,000 products at peak you’ll always find something that completes your outfit or fits your style. So, onto the British Summer look – I’ve chosen pieces from the new autumn winter 2013 collection with five top brands from spring summer 2013 represented.

With the weather being warm and wet you’re going to need shorts, t shirt, trainers and a jacket for the wet weather. You’re also going to need a good bag to keep your jacket in when it’s warm, plus it’s a great place to keep your phone, tablet, wallet and keys dry. Starting from the bottom and working upwards I’ve chosen the Creative Recreation Kaplan trainers in navy patent leather and white mesh. Perfect for keeping your feet cool in the heat but also dry quickly if you catch that pesky puddle in a downpour. Priced at £70 the Creative Recreation brand is growing bigger and bigger each season with tons of footballers and famous faces wearing the footwear brand.

Moving upwards I’ve picked out a brand new pair of G Star shorts that are lightweight and 100% cotton so should dry quickly if the typical British shower catches you out! With a cargo short design and multiple G Star logos throughout these shorts look great from a distance and show off your brand of choice close up. Priced at £90 these shorts take the cost of the outfit to £160 so far.

Next up comes one of the bestsellers for the spring summer season. The Hugo Boss triple pack of t shirts has been a must have for thousands of men around the UK. This season we’ve got single colour packs aswell, so I’ve gone for a crisp white triple pack that will show off your summer tan perfectly, but you also have another two t shirts in the pack so you don’t have to wash your whites as often, or you can keep a spare in your bag! Priced at £35 these bargain t shirts take the outfit spend up to £195.

The typical British summer is prone to showers and downpours, so it’s great that a British brand recognise the need to keep water and wind away from fashionable guys. The Lyle and Scott shell jackets never go out of fashion and with a hood keep the wearer dry as they dash for cover. Mesh lined for that breathability the jacket is available in a wide range of colours and priced at £80 rolls up small to fit in the bottom of your bag perfectly. The overall outfit cost is now £275 with one item left – the bag. Mainline Menswear have a wide range of bags available, but the lightweight shoulder bag from Fred Perry at £45 is great for all occasions and is PVC covered so keeps the rain out to an extent.

So the British summer is more than covered at Mainline Menswear – get shopping now and try to keep cool and dry as the ever changeable weather attempts to throw your fashionable plans at every turn.

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