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Written by Kimberley | 18/11/2013

clothes for the red carpet at Mainline Menswear

Let’s look at that alternative red carpet look…

As we are all aware there is probably very few of us who have diary dates which consist of award ceremonies, film premiers and exclusive events, but, what most of us do have is events to attend such as christenings, wedding, and engagement parties, birthdays etc. so these events can provide you with your version of the red carpet!

Times are most certainly changing and events such as these don’t always require you to wear your standard tuxedo, with fashion evolving there are now multiple ways you can adapt your dapper look!

With celebrity culture at the heart of all formal wear paving the way for what ends up in our wardrobes, our style icon in this post is none other than Johnny Depp, and why? Because women want to be with him and men want to be him!

So, what is so innovative about Johnny?



Johnny’s current red carpet style combines a rugged yet sophisticated look, but don’t be fooled as this look takes just as much effort if not more in piecing the garments together than your standard suit. Johnny was inspired by The Rolling Stones rocker Keith Richards and thus based the character Jack Sparrow on him, still enjoying the influence of Keith and Jack Sparrow Johnny has adopted this style into his red carpet and every day look.

Does he look smart and stylish? YES. Is he in a suit? NO, I think it can be agreed that Johnny Depp avoids conformity by using his on-screen influences in a genius blend of clothes and accessories. Both Johnny and Keith enjoy a mixture of jeans, shirts and hats to complete their look.

So what do you need to get red carpet ready Johnny Depp style?

  • Jeans
  • Sunglasses
  • Accessories (scarves, necklaces)
  • Shirt – plain, striped or patterned
  • Smart shoes



There are also many other celebrities who go for alternative red carpet look, setting new trends for smart wear! So don’t be afraid, be daring and get confident! Style is never redefined by people who just wear the same old thing conforming to the same old rules, style is brought about by those who dare to be different and try new things. Take your influences from those things that interest and influence you; be it your favourite music, your sports and hobbies, as the one thing all these style icons have is that they style all comes from their personalities and who they are.


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