Latest trends in Japanese denim | Focus on EVISU & EDWIN

Written by Kimberley | 29/10/2013

Today we’d like to take a bit of time to really highlight the genius of Japanese denim, and for those of you who love your jeans may actually be blissfully unaware of the Japanese craft behind them.

New to Japanese denim? You may think you are but the likelihood is that you’re not. EVISU is an original and innovative denim brand who introduced premium-quality ‘Japanese selvedge’ denim and was founded in Japan in 1991. EVISU denim today is most definitely a must have if you are interested in quality and detail. You may recognise EVISU denim because of the signature seagull logo usually apparent on the back pockets of the jeans.
What is different about Japanese denim? It uses traditional production techniques that have long been abandoned elsewhere. With its signature logo being its trademark and the highest quality denim being used on their new range of jeans and denim jackets this quality brand is easily recognisable.

Below are our top picks of EVISU jeans

Evisu Raw Seagull Jeans
Evisu Raw Seagull Jeans Navy at Mainline Menswear

Evisu 2008 Straight Raw Denim Jeans
Evisu 2008 Straight Raw Denim Jeans BlueEvisu 2008 Straight Raw Border Denim Jeans Blue at Mainline Menswear

Established in Japan in 1947, EDWIN are a brand known for being cutting edge. Again, the prevailing feature of this brand is its Japanese denim, attention to detail and incorporation of Japanese cultural elements. The EDWIN jeans sport a traditional denim feel. EDWIN were in fact the first denim company to try ‘old wash’ jeans so this gives you an idea of how ground-breaking they are. Mainline Menswear are proud stockists of EDWIN jeans and can offer you a wide range of EDWIN products to choose from.

Below are our top picks of EDWIN Jeans

ED55 Relaxed Jeans

Edwin ED55 Relaxed Jeans Deck BlueEdwin ED55 Relaxed Jeans Rodeo Blue

Edwin ED80 Slim Jeans
Edwin ED80 Slim Jeans Onyx BlackEdwin ED80 Slim Jeans Quartz Blue

So, your faithful pair of denim jeans probably aren’t from the US like you’d imagine, it is infact Japan that have been fighting to keep excellent quality denim fashionable and readily available. Real selvedge denim is still made by traditional methods in Japan ensuring people can enjoy wearing their quality denim.

Into a great denim shirt? Or do you dare to go double denim?

Mainline Menswear also stock a range of Japanese denim shirts and we have selected our favourites below!

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