Monochrome – It’s Black or White

Written by Kimberley | 15/04/2013

The term ‘monochrome’ is being thrown around a lot at the moment in the fashion world, and in men’s clothing it’s no different. Defined as being an object such as a painting, drawing, design or photograph in one colour or shades of one colour meaning that within fashion at present you’ll find a white t shirt with black design or branding or vice versa. If you’re in our newsletter database you’ll have received our ‘Monochrome’ e-mail yesterday and may have already taken a glimpse at the amazing range we have online, however if this is your first look then be sure to view our most basic, yet bestselling colours on the Mainline Menswear website.
There isn’t really much more that can be, or needs to be said about monochrome colours or clothing. Everyone knows how to wear the two most basic colours in the palette, so why not enjoy being monochrome this spring and summer season – we can guarantee it’s a look that will never go out of fashion!

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