Product of the Week – CP Company Visor and Goggle Zip Tops

Written by Andy | 19/02/2013

CP Company Spring Summer 2013 Visor Jacket Available at Mainline MenswearThe goggle has been a signature piece or styling of the CP Company brand for many years now. Originally added as a nod to the history of the Mille Miglia and motor car racing and the outerwear that would be needed to keep a racer dry and warm in all poor conditions the goggles acted as a temporary windscreen. Now they are simply for show, and a unique piece of detailing that distinguishes CP Company from the rest of the fashion world. The move on from the original goggles for the past couple of seasons has been the visor, a curved piece of Perspex that fits in the hood and deflects the elements.

As the spring and the summer is on the horizon offering this detailing on a jacket would seem a little crazy, so CP Company have launched a range of hooded zip tops for those days when the weather isn’t as warm or you need that extra layer. If it’s a really cold day you could even check out CP Company’s range of goggle beanie hats, but that’s another review for another day! At the moment we have three styles available on the website – lightweight goggle jacket, visor jacket and goggle zip top. Prices range from £211 through to £597 and carry three completely different styles. The hooded zip top is 100% cotton, the goggle jacket is a lightweight nylon mix and the visor is attached to a soft finished premium nylon. Each has a full zip fastening, CP Company branding and front pouch pockets.

CP Company is proving to be a very premium range at the moment, and as such we only have one of each size of these tops and jackets available varying from medium through to 3XL in two of the designs. They will sell quickly as CP Company collectors and fans of the brand snap them up, so why not head over to Mainline Menswear now and grab yourself a new lightweight spring jacket that not all of your friends will have – true Trend Setter, Not Follower!

CP Company Goggle and Visor Jackets Available at Mainline Menswear

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