This winter, we really can’t get enough of the Fred Perry touch screen gloves!

Written by: Kimberley Sandford | November 7, 2013.

Our product of the week this week was a pretty easy one. These are proving a real favourite amongst not only our customers but our staff too!
We may as well all admit that when it comes to our technology devices, we rarely put them down. Be it your mobile phone, your iPad on the go, your lap top etc. nearly all devices are touch screen or touch pad. We love the practicality of these super stylish gloves and how they can keep your fingers from freezing when trying to text or type on the harsh winter days.

Priced at £35 and available at Mainline Menswear, The Fred Perry Touch Screen Cable Gloves are available in steel grey marl or black. They sport a cable knit design on the body of the gloves with navy stripe detail. The fore finger, middle finger and thumbs feature a magic fingertip technology meaning you can use your touch screen without removing them!

fred perry at Mainline Menswear

fred perry at Mainline Menswear

Reap the health benefits too

As well as getting freezing cold and dry hands from constant texting in the cold, there is also more serious matters to address. Texting in the cold with your hands and fingers exposed is also proving to be bad for your health due to the harsh elements. Dr. Arthur Sanford of Loyola University Health System has stressed that texting in very cold weather could eventually lead to loss of fingers. Fingerless gloves can give you a false sense of security. Dr Arthur states that wearing no gloves or fingerless gloves “may also lead to permanent loss of fingers due to exposure to the cold”.
So not only are these gloves super for keeping up to date with your social life through texting they are also a good move on the health side of things too!

Maybe you are a bit of a technophobe? There is still no reason to let these gloves go amiss, why not get them as a present for a loved one, it’s impossible not to like or get some usage out of these gloves.

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