Travel back in time with the Fred Perry 45 collection – TOP PICKS

Written by Kimberley | 21/11/2013

Are you into style and music? Do you love your clothing to reflect your individuality?

Then let’s take a look at the Fred Perry 45 range; we greatly enjoy new Fred Perry lines as quite often their inspirations come from music which ensures their clothes are full of personality and charisma. The 45 collection is inspired by vinyl and the collection is inspired from vinyl designs from the 80’s. We are really loving the pieces from the 45 range and have picked out some of our favourites.
Our first pick is the FRED PERRY 45 GINGHAM PRINT SHIRT. We dig this shirt because of the black contrasting panels on the front of the shirt.
fred perry 45 at Mainline Menswear

Up next we have the  FRED PERRY 45 KNITTED JUMPER GRAPHITE, this jumper simply oozes 80s attitude due to the contrasting prints. If you’re brave enough why not mix it with a bright bomber jacket, some headphones and jeans for that heavy 80s look!

fred perry 45 at Mainline Menswear

Lastly we have the Fred Perry 45 Engineered Stripe Polo T Shirt. The contrasting colours make this shirt a must, this shirt is perfect for that casual every day look!

fred perry 45 at Mainline Menswear


This great 45 range from Fred Perry really transports us back in time to an era where purchasing an album was not done at home by simply pressing a button, it was done by going down to the record store and getting that fulfilling feeling or actually purchasing something you could examine and hold in your hand, then take home with you!

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