13 Essential Items of Clothing for Men

Forget thinking about which clothes are most on-trend this season and start think about which clothes you NEED this season. Today we are taking the emphasis off style and instead putting it on the things which should be hanging in your wardrobe all year-round. Get these items right and it will make your style much more timeless, saving endless hours in your hectic lifestyle; here we present the items you can throw on day-after-day and still look good. Have you got a specific style when it comes to clothing? This is the easiest way to create new looks and get a much more rounded collection to work with.

essential mens item

Here we have 13 garments which together make up a list of the ultimate wardrobe staples, without doubt the most versatile pieces money can buy. So, 13 might be considered an unlucky number for some people, but if you can tick these off your must-have list, your style will certainly not be suffering any misfortune.

 A White Shirt

Buttoned down or buttoned up, smart or wearing casual- there will always be a time and a place for one of these and if you don’t own one you’ve missed a trick. Hardly anything doesn’t go with a white shirt; we’re talking a suit, almost any type of jacket or a crew or V-neck jumper. Best to pick a high quality cotton number to avoid discolouring and guarantee comfort.

essential 2Hoodie

It doesn’t matter if it’s a zip-up or a pull-over; hoodie’s are a fool proof wardrobe essential and are perfect for any casual occasion. They are always a fuss-free option to throw on when it gets a little too chilly for a t-shirt and they are great for lazing around or playing sport in. A zip-up is probably the best choice to fit a range of outfits.

Blue Jeans

For an all-round winner, straight legged and darkly washed is the ideal way to go when choosing a pair of jeans, avoiding fuss and ensuring each base is covered.  To be a pair that fits any occasion they should be free of detailing such as complex colouring, extravagant pockets and fitting just right. Blue is the classic jean colour and if you have a model you are comfortable with, such as a Levi’s 501 then the best option is to stick to what you know and are comfortable with.

essential 4Blazer

There will always be a good use for a quality blazer and to have a wardrobe without one is to leave a gaping weakness, vulnerable for exploitation. It doesn’t always have to be for a formal occasion- they are just as popular in everyday wear at the moment.

Reliable Coat

Probably the biggest investment on the list, but don’t be afraid of paying a price for quality when buying a coat, because it needs to go with everything and last the rigours of unpredictable and changing weather.

essential 6Underwear

Ask almost any man his favourite and 9 times out of 10 the answer will be Calvin Klein. The perennial underwear experts are the easy choice for a quality pair and an everyday pair- with a vast number of choice designs. On another note, nobody should be without a pair of fresh socks, so if you have a draw full of tatty, bobbly and old socks look no further than Ted Baker.


Not the most sartorial piece in your wardrobe but it isn’t complete until you have a pair of them in there, joggers are the ultimate slob-around comfort piece of clothing and can have a surprisingly large number of uses. Grey and navy are two of the most versatile colours to choose.

essential 8Chinos

Classic trousers and surprisingly easy to pull off with varying outfits, these classics are perfect for the summer. Beige or cream are common chino colours and will be easy to mix with darker hues on top. Especially useful when you get sick of slinging on the same jeans day-after-day (which most of us do) and something about them is just inherently more stylish.

Denim Shorts

Shorts aren’t everybody’s cup of tea and some wouldn’t consider them an essential, but in warmer weather they are the easiest and most comfortable option to put on, if you make sure they’re denim you won’t have to compromise style in your outfit.

essential 10Dress Shoes

A simple, classic, polished pair should never be undervalued and always look great in black or brown. Perfect to have for special occasions and office work alike, you’ll always need these no matter how old you are- and if you don’t then avoid them at your peril.

Canvas Shoes/trainers

Everybody knows that a classic pair of Converse are ready to be thrown in with any outfit, often looking better with extra age and wear unlike many other makes. The beauty of them is that they can look great in a large range of colours too. Particularly apt in the summer months for their thin canvas material, you can safely combine these with jeans, chinos, joggers or shorts. How many other items of footwear could claim to do that?

essential 12White T-shirt

This simple tee will go with absolutely anything you own and in some respects is the most important item on this list. You’ll find a use for it all year round- on its own, under a jumper, under a shirt- the only thing you can get wrong when investing in a white tee is buying one which isn’t of sufficient quality- if it’s too cheap it will lose colour and shape after the first wash. If you are scared of this happening then a black or blue t-shirt should be just as useful for throwing on with multiple outfits.

Leather Belt

It is quite precise to state that a leather belt is an item every man needs but they offer a consistency which just can’t be achieved by canvas or woven types. A black or brown leather will look as stylish with a suit or with your everyday jeans and t-shirt/hoodie combination, if you also keep it simple- i.e. no statement buckle or designer writing sprawled across it- you will find it lasts for many years without looking any older than when you first bought it.

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