5 Must-Have Prints in 2014

Written by Robert | 27/01/2014


The spring and summer seasons of 2014 style (SS14) are drawing closer upon us and the Mainline Menswear collection is beginning to fill with the latest designs which this year feature some quirky patterned prints that are set to be a key trend this year. Here we have picked out 5 distinctive styles that will give you a head start in how to stand out from the crowd this year.



Most styles come and go but camouflage is one that refuses to disappear, this year many designers have re-invented it yet again. Traditionally it is the uniform of the armed forces but incorporated into fashion it has always had a cutting edge appeal; at present it helps make up a modern street-wise look. The difference this time around is that camouflage has been experimented with like never before, different colours, different items, and different details. Take for example the camo-printed belt which looks great on any pair of jeans for an urban look that has already taken off in both high end fashion and high street fashion. Here is our pick of camouflage printed clothes which are right on-trend.


paisleygallagher paisley

This design of Persian origin became popular on our shores back in the 18th and 19th centuries and was given its name by virtue of its production hub in the small Scottish town of Paisley. Popularized during “the summer of love” in 1967, paisley became a feature of psychedelic style and a fascination with Indian spirituality at the time. It has been associated with music thanks to The Beatles and more recently Liam Gallagher. The latter’s clothing brand, Pretty Green, have revealed a new collection of jackets, t-shirts, shirts and jumpers alike which are detailed stylishly with a strong paisley influence. For this retro look expect to see a lot more paisley printed clothes appear this year on the market, like these in the current Mainline collection below.

Paisley shirtpretty paisleyshirt pais



The floral print is another which has seemed to come in and out of fashion, but with men it has been over-looked for its feminine qualities. If you can pull off the floral print this season though, it is the ultimate symbol of masculinity. This look might be a little eccentric for some, but layer it up with plainer style clothes for an element of subtlety and you can be the first to pull off a look which is going to appear much more frequently on the high street throughout 2014 and is here to stay. Take a look below for a few ideas for how to make your dress sense blossom.

1) Thanks to the floral revival it has never been easier to spice up your pool side style.

2) The floral t-shirt can work with many outfits, here it has been layered under a blazer for subtle style.

3) The floral button up shirt is a great way to express yourself with a wide range of variations available to buy. The best way to wear one is with plain block colours.

If you want to re-create these looks you can do so here at Mainline Menswear.
flower shortsFlower teeflower shirt

Polka Dot

polka wall

The famous polka dot is associated with casual clothing and has been experimented with in many styles since it first exploded in the 1960’s. This print is playful by nature having being used in many different contexts such as on children’s toys, abstract furniture – and even worn by Disney’s Minnie Mouse! The polka dot has a nostalgic element thanks to these uses and also the links to the polka dance in the mid-19th century, because of this it has a unique ability to provide a vintage look yet maintain its edginess. In menswear the polka dot has recently started to appear on a range of t-shirts and jumpers in varying capacities. The small use on some of these items provides a detail which enhances some plainer looking clothes and gives them a stylish quality which will set you apart. Below you can see some popular polka dot printed items in our range.



This print enjoyed a successful spell in many designers’ lines of winter wear, but the trend looks set to continue as it has now transferred to accommodate nearly all garments in men’s clothing. Different patterns such as tartan have enjoyed equal success in women’s wear too and the key thing about the print is that it can be used in varying degrees of boldness- with room to experiment on colour and size. Lyle and Scott is a keen advocate of the tartan/plaid print and has a great collection here of items that make use of it for different effects. Alternatively these items have experimented with the colour for a contemporary twist (see Mainline’s items below).

plaid2plaid1plaid 3


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