5 Stylish Male Musicians

Written by Robert | 08/10/2014

The music industry has always been one of fashion’s biggest influences in terms of style, invariably because young people try to emulate the looks of their favourite artists. But whilst some musician’s looks are memorable for good reasons such as being timelessly cool, others have a tendency to look a little garish a few decades on- take the mullet or flares for example! Each generation has its own pioneers in terms of fashion; the ’50s and ’60s had Jonny Cash and Elvis Presley, the next era belonged to The Beatles and the beginning of the Mod movement, the ’80s had cult heroes like Bob Marley, and since then the likes of Oasis and Jay Z can claim to have inspired many a young fan’s wardrobe choices. Today we are looking at which fashionable musicians might go on to define their generation’s style has drawn up a short-list of 5.

George Ezra 

He might only recently have made it big on the mainstream circuit after his debut single “Budapest” and the number 1 charting album “Wanted on Voyage”. But the 21-year-old is being noticed for more than just the gravelly voice which defies his young age, it is also his dress sense which has won over fans worldwide.


With a clear taste for a flamboyant shirt, he shows he is already developing his own trademark look. Create it with items like these at Mainline Menswear.

Jake Bugg

Another youthful artist who has made waves in British music is the singer-songwriter Jake Bugg who already has two number 1 albums under his belt. He isn’t 21 until February but he has the aura of someone much more mature and his enigmatic presence has seen him compared to legends of music such as John Lennon and he has already nailed down his own trademark look which could be described as a new age Mod look.


Jake is a keen fan of Mod favourite Fred Perry and can be seen wearing it in the picture above. Get the look here.

Kanye West

He often tweets his excitable opinions on the latest trends in the world of high fashion and it is no secret that the outspoken and often controversial rapper has a real passion for clothing. But while some might dispute the quality of his recent music few can argue with the success of his work with Adidas and Nike on fashionable footwear.

Alex Turner

The Arctic Monkeys frontman has come a long way since his shaggy-haired teenage years where he wouldn’t be seen without a polo shirt on. He is just as well known for his slick quiff these days and just like a young Jonny Cash he has a penchant for a leather jacket too.

Pharrell Williams

There are barely any brands left who haven’t worked with this man in some capacity and the “Happy” singer even has two brands of his own, one of which is Billionaire Boys Club sold here at Mainline Menswear.


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