5 Sunglasses for summer

Written by Robert | 20/03/2014


It could be that you’re simply hoping for protection for your eyes, or it could be that your glasses are an indispensable part of your style, but surely we can all agree that a neat set of frames is an invaluable fashion accessory?

Your preference will no doubt relate to the lifestyle you choose to live, for example if you are heavily sport-enthused you will no doubt value the technical features of Oakley’s models, whereas if you are more fashion-conscious you might lean towards the enduring retro-style of Ray Ban’s glasses.

Famous Twilight actor Robert Pattinson is a keen admirer of Ray Ban’s classic frames

To help you figure which should be your signature pair, here we have Mainline Menswear’s 5 key sunglasses for men.

The Aviator– you don’t have to have your pilot’s licence to pull these off, they were first put in circulation for aeroplane captains who needed protection from glaring lights at altitude, but they have since become an iconic template for future designs.

Judging from the amount of reworked versions it is clear the aviator has a rare ability to amalgamate retro and contemporary style. They suit most face shapes and a wearer will struggle to find a context that they look out of place in. Ray Ban is a trusted producer of the aviator frame, possibly the best all-round sunglasses on the market today.

Prada Sport GlassesSport- usually a sportsman would lean towards wearing a pair of wrap-around frames for their unrivalled eye coverage, comfort and sophisticated lenses, but they also boast robustness and fitted precision. The Oakley range focus on these products better than other brands and have light adjusting lenses as well as lightweight models, perfect for cyclists, skiers and the likes. Other quality makers of these styles include Prada whose sport model has easily changeable lenses, as well as a practical shape that sits close to the face- preventing dirt or other debris from getting to the eye.

Prada Linea RossaThe Modern Rectangle- the battle for those designing contemporary eye-wear is that of finding a material which is lighter yet more hard-wearing than the traditional titanium and acetate designs. The popular consensus at the minute is of using these on a futuristic-looking rectangular frame. These chunky models are a perfect statement pair for those with rounder-faces or a cutting edge sense of dress. The Prada Linea Rossa is a safe choice for those wanting to carry this style in a sophisticated fashion. To add a retro twist on this contemporary style the tortoise-shelled Ralph Lauren polo player glasses are a rectangular piece created to match a host of looks.

Ray Ban WayfarerThe Wayfarer- Famously associated with the Ray Ban brand, the wayfarer is now an all-time classic with a retro element. It was seen as a curve-ball to the industry back in the 1950’s when it swept through its first generation of wearers. One of the first glasses to stray away from the round spectacle, and one of the first to avoid use of alloy metals, it was once a truly modern take on sunglasses.

Still maintaining their place in the market, a pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers will be a unique item with immunity to the turbulent world of fashion. If you were to buy a pair today they would likely accompany your summer outfits for decades. For a more up to date alternative the Oakley Garage Rock sunglasses are a polished and refined model which could be integrated with many styles of outfit, carrying a high level of class and quality.

Oakley WiretapThe Retro Rim– Heritage is a key theme in menswear at the minute and it has not surprisingly transferred to eye wear, with Ray Ban’s Clubmaster leading the way. Oakley have weighed in with their own version of the stylish half rimmed model- The Oakley Wiretap– in an understated matted black finish, a style which is vintage cool but doesn’t detract the brand away from their sporting functionality and loyal consumers.

Next time you buy a flimsy pair on the high street for a few pounds you might want to imagine how many you would buy in the lifetime of a quality pair from some of these prestigious brands. The technical protective elements combined with superior style make it an easy choice.

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