A New Age of Lacoste

Written by Robert | 24/02/2014

Famous global brand Lacoste have returned to their sporting roots in designing their new 2014 range called “Life is a Beautiful Sport”. The collection will be stocked here at Mainline in the coming months and signals the beginning of a new era.

Lacoste SS14 (left) and (right) Lacoste Live SS14 ranges.


The History

The French brand are steeped in tradition having been founded in 1933 and maintaining a flawless reputation for being a high end clothing and lifestyle brand. Their small crocodile logo is seen as one of the most famous in the world, initially used because of owner Rene “The Crocodile” Lacoste’s nickname during his tennis career.

Below: Rene Lacoste represents the brands sporting heritage.


True to Lacoste’s sporting ancestry the company initially began producing clothes which proved to be revolutionary on-court tennis garments, from here he teamed up with a large French clothing manufacturer and produced commercial leisure wear- marking the beginning of the brand’s mainstream take-off.

Like any long-living brand Lacoste have strived to diversify themselves and constantly re-invent, a lot of their recent success has been attributed to the work of designer Christophe Lemaire who modernised designs during his tenure with the firm until 2010. The company have clearly made an effort to stay true to their founder’s roots by increasing the visibility in tennis, where they have sponsored big name players such as Andy Roddick, John Isner, Richard Gasquet and Stan Wawrinka in recent years.

The New Line

“Life is a beautiful sport” is a line paying homage to the brand’s sporting core and features an advert with the message that it represents courage when faced with uncertainty (below).

In their attempt to roll with the times Lacoste launched the sister-brand Lacoste Live for which is essentially a younger and more contemporary styled selection of clothing- as opposed to the more traditional Lacoste brand which has its own specific DNA to adhere to.

Lacoste Live’s SS14 is epitomised by daring colours and prints on some of the main brands classic designs and the line has effectively given the main brand a platform to try different ideas. Here are some of the stand-out Lacoste Live items this season.

The main Lacoste range this year pays much more attention to its footwear where a plethora of brand new styles have been introduced such as the ultra-modern Sport Light’s and the retro Vauban’s which both show consideration of changing trends. You can look to Lacoste’s SS14 for a much more casual and modern sporting look than previously associated with the brand, to do this you could use some new designs such as these.

Lacoste Sport TrainersLacoste Retro TrainerLacoste SS14 shirt

Lacoste’s recent exposure in the media has been during the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi where they made their debut as provider of their homeland France’s kit. The deal is due to run until 2016 at the next Olympic Games, which should prove a coup for the brand whose visibility will be broader than ever. Eight ceremonial kits were designed and appeared during the two weeks in Russia, continuing the brands reputation of delivering sporting goods with casual elegance, an essence which this years spring and summer designs seem to have captured expertly.


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