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Written by Robert | 03/10/2014

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It’s time Adidas were taken seriously as watchmakers. The German sportswear giant has successfully become one of fashion’s heavy hitters thanks to the endeavours of their footwear and Originals brand, but unbeknown to most, they have also quietly developed a watch collection of consistent quality which is respected by the most prestigious names in the business.

Adidas Originals Watches

Adidas have always approached the project with a mixture of playfulness and creativity and nothing displays this ethos better than the pop coloured Santiago model which has a very simplistic visual style; an ideal foil for a formal or dark winter outfit. Its matted block colour effect is a feature which is so on trend at present and has the potential to act as a very effective statement piece. It is neither a sports watch nor a formal watch but the Santiago’s completely original design has seen it become mentioned in the same breath as some of the market’s leaders. At just £45 it is an affordable watch that can make a real difference a whole look.

Santiago Watch Look

Style of watches include chronograph, rubberised and classic analogue display models. The collection’s newest pieces are mostly in the black and white colour range which is coincidently a big seasonal trend for clothing. The classy Stan Smith pieces which can be seen below are perfect white and will blend seamlessly with smart or casual outfits, but the stand-out design has to be the Brisbane models which for the first time show signs of subtle detailing, lined tastefully with either silver or gold. Could this be a sign that Adidas are about to take the tricky step of releasing a dress watch too?

Stan Smith Watch Adidas

A watch is undeniably a man’s most effective accessory and Adidas have successfully created their own eclectic styles by figuring out where there is a gap in the market. Although a sporty-style watch might not be a functional necessity these days, it is still a vital cog in many relaxed everyday looks. It might not be Swiss-style luxury and they may not last a lifetime like a Rolex, but one thing for certain is that a man who owns an Adidas watch is a man who has a definitive grasp on contemporary men’s fashion.

One glance at our latest collection will show you first-hand why the multi-channel brand are becoming an increasingly big influence on the market. The reason why we’ve been looking forward to launching this collection so much is because it continues to push its own abilities to the limits and the product always challenges the conventions which a long list of competitors will shy away from.

Their latest playful collection is predominantly a black and white colour range which is fitting with the autumn colour trend in clothing of the same description. Though, if you are looking to add a key piece to any outfit with a darkened set of hues, the simplistic Santiago design (as seen below) or the chronograph Newburgh are both brilliant modern-looking pop colour pieces for which Adidas seem to be developing a niche.

White santiago

For those who fear they can’t throw pieces like these into a more formal outfit, then you need not fear because Adidas have proved they can handle a step up in occasion too with the tasteful Brisbane watch which comes in a selection of colours with an eye-catching silver or gold lining.

It is little wonder Adidas have succeeded in the watch-making department, they are after all the sports brand who first ventured into the world of fashion with adidas Originals when they dared to tackle the music industry by signing a commercial collab with famed threesome Run DMC to create what is now one of the most fondly remembered lines in sportswear history. They have never been shy of pushing the boundaries and their prowess in the accessory department is another to add to their long line of success stories.

Adidas Watch Close Ups

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