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Written by: Robert Charlton | August 27, 2014.

Antony Morato 2014

AM is a relatively new brand- formed in 2007- which uses multiple elements of Italian culture and style as its influence. Their contemporary designs are aimed at new generations of men’s wear consumers and aim to fit the cosmopolitan life style and the increasing male appetite for high fashion.

AM BadgeTalented fashion guru Lello Caldarelli is the man who is responsible for creating the brand and he has acted as both creative director and president for the brand, calling upon his experience in different roles in the fashion industry, going into business with his two brothers Giovanni and Tania at the same time. Initially they limited distribution just to Italy, but by 2012 they had a presence in no less than 50 countries. Their rapid expansion has led to the initiation of a number of concession lines, including kids, footwear and accessories to name just a few. Their growth has been to the extent that they are dubbed one of the fastest growing public companies in the history of Italian fashion industry.

Antony Morato is angled at being a trend driven label which is more accessible to the everyday man than their prestigious Italian counterparts such as Armani. With a staggering fact that they produce up to 900 pieces per season it is hard to distinguish their in-house style, but Antony Morato is alleged to be a bridge from one men’s wear style to another and it does cover a large proportion of styles for many occasions. From smart to casual, AM takes inspirations from everyday life and plays on the modern tendency for men to be more experimental with their style. An important concept to them is that of value-for-price, which is based on the idea of buying luxury goods at reasonable prices.

Below: see our Antony Morato style/look

Antony Morato Look


Some of the new range is already available online at Mainline Menswear and features numerous stand-out jackets in leather and padded styles, all with a darkened or black hue. There are also a number of classic fitted shirts which are just as well used in a casual ensemble as they are to work or a special night out. The new advertising campaign focuses on the brand’s Places campaign which aimed to show how their brand is being worn in various European environments, the black and white pictures show how AM masters that particular seasonal look. The result is a documentary-style advert which captures three characters living in Naples, Barcelona and London respectively, each who interpret the brand in different ways.

Key Piece

Black leather bomber jacket   

A classic example of AM’s luxury design at an affordable price, leather jackets from their rival brands will usually double that of this product, though it still compromises none of the class and elegance and achieves the sleek aesthetic of a good quality leather jacket for wearing time and time again. The fusion between formal and informal is also a sacred quality in any fashionable item of clothing; this one uses Antony Morato Leather jacketmodern features such as a double ended zip and its current bomber silhouette as a means of keeping it relevant to its young audience. It will be just as easy to dress this up with a fitted Morato shirt and a smart jeans and shoe combination as it will be to play it casual with a graphic tee and some trainers or ripped jeans for example. The leather jacket will be key to achieving that contemporary city/urban look which they have worked hard to convey in their marketing.

The first drop has arrived here at Mainline for the new season, keep an eye on this page for more arriving soon.



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