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Written by Robert | 25/04/2014

One of the oldest, British brands around, Aquascutum remains a strong player in men’s high end fashion with another strong release for 2014. Today, we are looking to find out what the foundation of their success is built on.

Created in approximately 1851 by a Mayfair tailor named John Emery who opened his first shop in Piccadilly, he soon found his niche when he created the first waterproof cloth in 1853 and patented it in the process. From then he has always been associated with protecting finely dressed ladies and gentleman from the outdoor elements, all the while maintaining the style of his tailored roots in clothing.


1870- John Emery renamed his company to reflect their outerwear expertise- “aqua” (water) and “scutum” (shield) in Latin.

The Trench Coat- One of the most iconic designs of outerwear clothing is this military styled jacket, its perfect balance between style and substance helps it remain just as popular in today’s culture for those with a refined sense of style.

Aquascutum has become known as a crafter of luxurious materials and a fine tailor of clothing. They have managed to keep a hold of the changing world of fashion and have done so with a quintessentially British outlook and strong sense of tradition.

Nothing endorses this quality better than the fact the label suited officers for the Crimean war and both World Wars, even gaining multiple Royal Warrants from 1897 until 1952, in which they made garments such as the checked coat for King Edward VII. The brand went on to clothe politicians, and Hollywood celebrities- earning many admirers.



Family owned until 1990, the company was purchased by a Japanese company, then Jaeger in 2009, before entering administration and then being bought by its current owners, Chinese group YGM Trading. During this period the brand has suffered mixed fortunes in business terms, but the reputation has never faltered.

Modern era of the Great British brand


Like a lot of successful British heritage brands, the company is no longer technically British, but under its current ownership they have once again engaged with the high end, premium fashion clientele along with the older generations who value traditional high quality tailoring.

Central to this revival is the brands signature check print which stands alongside the company’s outerwear expertise as the main legacy carried through from the early years. The “club check” is carried throughout the majority of the SS14 range at Mainline Menswear, featuring on prominently on short and long sleeved shirts, but also detailed onto t-shirts, polo shirts and the reversible bomber jacket.

Trademark Club Check
Aquascutum Club CheckAquascutum Polo

The reversible club check jacket
Aquascutum Club Check BomberAquascutum Reversible

Revisiting their traditional British values in menswear, Aquascutum are quickly rebuilding their brand to compete with the very best in the industry. Current fans of the brand include teen icon Harry Styles, proving the younger generation are buying into the heritage clothing trends.

See the best of Aquascutum’s 2014 collection here.



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