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Written by Robert | 31/03/2014


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Carhartt Work in Progress is a branch of the historic American company Carhartt which has deviated from its routes in functional and industrial clothing to become an extremely popular brand in high street fashion.

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Having been popularized in America, by the 90’s the brand had developed their admired US heritage to appeal to an emerging urban culture in Europe, who seemed to value the straightforward and rugged style of Carhartt’s clothing. Their authentic work wear was distributed to these people, who saw it as an expression of their identity.

Carhartt have continued to build upon this reputation along with their continuous aim of practising outstanding design combined with exceptional quality, durability and comfort. Carhartt’s Work in Progress company has adapted the traditional mind-set of the brand to add a more tailored twist to their garments, therefore setting them free of their status as a work-man’s brand.

The Michigan based label are renowned for their use of canvas and rugged denim and these materials continue as a major influence in their SS14 release. The cargo pants and shorts can be purchased in a number of colours including an au courant camouflage print, which is repeated throughout the range as somewhat of a signature Work in Progress piece.

Below: how to wear your camo shorts this spring

Camo Carhartt ShortsCamo Carhartt Shorts

From becoming a figurehead of urban lifestyle in Europe, Work in Progress has involved Carharrt with the skateboarding and BMX scene in particular, of which an influence can be visibly seen in products such as the College sweats and t-shirts, along with the Hayden jacket which are identifiable with the interest.

Below: Carhartt has developed an urban sport association with BMX and skateboard enthusiasts  

Carhartt cultureCarhartt sweat

Reshaping the brand’s legacy, they have successfully created a brand that produces contemporary work wear-meets fashion. Surely one of the only labels to have done this successfully; Carharrt have shown a boldness which likely appeals to the hip youth who took this brand into the wardrobe of rap stars and celebrities way back when in America. The diverse design traits are still evident in this seasons printed pocket shirts and tee shirts, along with the new Sid blazer which is a totally original design blurring the smart/casual divide.

The brand’s age-old industrial prestige remains a predominant influence behind the Work in Progress line and constantly relates back to the DNA of the company. As such they still pride themselves on durability, as seen by the inclusion of their “Vicious jeans”, made in “rigid blue denim”.

Those buying from the latest collection are likely to be in line with Carhartt’s reputation as a purveyor of contemporary and youthful urban style. This time, the brand has stretched their product range yet again to further enhance their credentials in fashion.

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