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Written by Robert | 30/10/2014

Tommy Hilfiger has been a Mainline Menswear brand since 2012 and their latest release primed for 2014’s fall is online now. The Autumn/Winter collection features knitwear, polo’s, shirts, jeans and outerwear- all of which stick to their usual smart casual style of clothing.

The brand itself was created in 1985 when American fashion designer Hilfiger was offered backing to create his own menswear brand having built a reputation as one of New York’s most promising fashion designers. Almost straight away the brand became a household name to the point that today it is one of America’s best-known labels overseas ans is sold in over 90 different countries around the world.

Continued expansion has led to the formation of sub-brands including Hilfiger Denim and women’s and children’s ranges. They now produce all sorts of items from sportswear, fragrance, jewellery, watches to accessories and home furnishings making them comparable with other American powerhouses like Ralph Lauren who are considered to be a lifestyle brand rather than simply a fashion one.

For 29 years Tommy Hilfiger has brought a classic, laid back American style to the world, with a look which never fails to stay classy, youthful and on-trend. His brand has become one of the leading figures in the rising popularity of preppy style clothing which is characterized with the likes of button down shirts and chinos.

The latest 2014 release includes a number of the classic items such as slim fit pique polo’s and Oxford shirts, but it also features a modern touch most notably with the new bomber jackets.

When they first burst onto the fashion scene in the 80’s they famously ran a “fill in the gaps” style Hangman advertisement campaign which daringly challenged the audience to identify “The 4 great American designers for men”, one of which was cryptically named as the up and coming Tommy Hilfiger. The attention this commercial received is what catapulted the brand into the limelight and effectively made them become an overnight success.


The Tommy Hilfiger ideology has always been to give classic looks and historically popular designs a modern, fresh look, and his taste for doing so is what has helped grow the brand on a global scale and become identified as a traditional American inspired clothing brand. Over the years he’s used emerging stars in music such as Britney Spears and Lenny Kravitz in the 90’s advertisements to help them become seen as pioneers of the industry.

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