Brand New Cruyff Classics – The Santi Quilt

Written by Robert | 28/05/2014

Cruyff Classics are a make of men’s footwear which are renowned for quality and style, 2014 sees the release of more brand new silhouettes such as the Santi and Santi Quilt, today we will take a closer look and review the new product.

Cruyff logoThe Santi Quilt joins another 5 different shoe profiles in a collection that features over 30 individual designs and continues to expand year after year here at Mainline Menswear. Essentially, it is a casual shoe that is made of sufficient quality that it can be used in a more formal context than your everyday pair of trainers. Cruyff’s are by definition a performance shoe with multiple technical features, but this type shows diversion from those principles and has been simplified to look much more pleasing to the eye. They have a classic lace-up design with a suede panel decorating the metal eyelets. They also have a mix of quality leather and a quilted effect on the upper, which has a Recopa detailing embroidered onto the tongue.

It is a comfortable shoe that is extremely versatile and will sit nicely with casual outfits such as jeans/t-shirts and hoodies, but just as nicely with smarter “nighttime” outfits when going out with friends; this might be dark jeans and a smart shirt or leather jacket. Those who know the Cruyff brand well will be familiar with the elegance conveyed by the label and their designs, but with the minimalistic and yet detailed rounded toe, contrast panel template, this might be their most refined one yet.

Which is your favourite version of the new Cruyff Classic Santi Quilt?

Stocked in sizes 6-12 and complete with thick vulcanised rubber soles, this shoe is accommodating and comfortable for a wide range of wearers. At £90 it will not break the bank either and moves away from the reputation Cruyff have as a high end, expensive retailer, instead, making their product more accessible to the average high-street shopper.

With this model expected to become a best-seller in the coming months the brand has proved successful in their idea of replicating the man behind the brand, Johan Cruyff’s personal characteristics, which translates to a sleek and sophisticated style, extravagant without being flashy. After all, he wouldn’t put his name to something of poor quality, would he?

Johan Cruyff, the founder of the brand, has seen the focus change from designing performance products (like the football boots below) to fashion designs like the latest Santi Quilt trainers. 


This isn’t the only new pair to appear in the classics range for the first time this year, the Santi and the Estille are both new and take on yet another style. The Estille is more of a sports shoe than the Santi and Santi Quilt which is more of a fashion shoe. Originally the brand aimed to create the most technical sports shoe around with the highest quality materials, however, not many people use them for sport which has led to a bit of a design revolution within the company.

Predominant colours in the range of Classics and Recopas is black, brown, white, but can occasionally come in blues and reds, meaning most styles and outfits can be catered for. The Santi Quilt comes in black and white spread amongst 3 different models, all with slightly different detailing.

The new silhouettes will join the successful older designs such as the Vincenzo, the Vanenburg, and the original Recopa.

Complete your outfit for the Cruyff Santi Quilt’s here:

Cruyff look

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