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Written by Robert | 15/10/2014

Military styled clothing trends are nothing new in menswear; in fact come the winter especially it is a perennial style, but this year more than most there seems to have been a particular taste developing for the military aesthetic. The dominant style is said to be popular in menswear because of its innate masculine qualities, and it is easy to see why men value the simple and classic nature of these type of garments. Today we are exploring the key colours, prints and silhouettes which are capturing the imagination this winter.


The officer’s jacket is an important part of the military trend this year and it one of the key items which has linked fashion and forces down the years. The three most noticeable styles in this category are the Parka, Flight jacket and Pea coat, which all have deep-rooted history in the armed forces and also a unique retro appeal.

The Pea coat has earned its reputation as a timeless piece of men’s clothing due to both its strong wool construction and neutral looks. It is one of fashion’s rare anomalies that can be both sartorially defined and also practical in terms of its weather resistant qualities. Its key feature is undoubtedly the smart double-breasted front but it also has noticeably broad lapels and of course a heavy wool complexion. One of the biggest appeals of the Pea coat is its heritage which stretches all the way back to the 1700’s when European sailors were amongst the first known wearers of such a style. Whilst it isn’t clear what the official reason behind the name “Pea coat” is- some claim it derives from the Dutch term “piijekker” which is allegedly a reference to the type of cloth a coat in this style was cut from originally. Though in centuries later the style has become almost as famous for its use by the U.S Navy, where it was invariably made in a dark blue colour.

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Parka and Flight jackets are similarly deep-rooted in the history of the armed forces and carry a retro appeal in fashion to match. The parka might be most commonly associated with the Mod movement these days, buts its origins lie in the Antarctic where it would be known a hunting jacket. The US liked the design of these long fur lined profiles and they adapted their own version for troops heading to fight in the Korean War in the 1950’s. The design has had a huge impact on the world of fashion and continues to be one of the most popular designs for men and women in the winter seasons for climates like those in the UK.

In addition, the Flight Jacket has also been associated with past subcultures like the skinheads and scooterboys who made it one of their trademark pieces of clothing. But its use hasn’t been exclusive to these individuals, having also been a prominent design in the hip hop music movement, as well as being popularized amongst police forces in various states in the U.S. The Alpha Industry flight jacket is brand new to Mainline Menswear this season and has a varied collection of at least 6 designs to channel either classic or contemporary looks.


Boots Military

A heavy duty pair of military-style boots are exempt from the world of fashion because they are completely impervious to changing trends- they always remain relevant. When it comes to buying boots for the winter season it is always worth spending that extra bit of money to secure a pair which will take the beating from a season of bad weather in the winter. Many people value the novelty of having a pair of military styled boots because they see it as a mark of quality, reliable and fit for purpose clothing. Palladium in particular are an expert in this field having originally designed tyres for the air force before eventually transferring their knowledge of durable rubbers into making a boot which was both useful to the military and a success in fashion. Dr Martens is another brand with a military background; the man who created their shoe was an injured soldier who decided to make a hard-wearing cushioned boot to make his life easier, and as a result he created one of the most revolutionary  boots ever both in terms of fashion and function.



The camo print is the best example of a modern military aesthetic and it is this print which is most often associated with street style. It is the most casual way to incorporate it into your everyday wardrobe and designer brands are becoming more creative than ever with the print this year and you can now find a whole range of products from sunglasses, joggers, coats, shirts and more in the diverse print. See a full selection of camo printed designs here at Mainline Menswear.

Camo printed

Brand Focus

Continuing the military theme for the season, we have a number of brands who specialise in producing military-styled apparel. The real stalwarts of this style are of course G-Star Raw who consistently stick to this style, producing a broad spectrum of items year in year out with a modern twist. Bringing their unique approach of combining cutting-edge technologies with classic military styling, they consistently create unique profiles. Find their highlights for the winter season here.

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