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Written by Robert | 28/08/2014

The Great North Run will take place a week on Sunday and for the first time it will include a special opening ceremony on Newcastle’s Quayside called The Great North Run Million. The event has been organised in honour of surpassing the unique achievement of a million runners to cross the finishing line since the race began in 1981.


Organisers have secured over 1000 amateur performers as well as top stars like Sting, Chase & Status and other local acts who will perform during key moments of the show on Thursday September 4th with Geordie favourites Ant and Dec kicking off proceedings just three days before the race itself. Music, film projections, fireworks, giant floating sculptures on the River Tyne and pyrotechnics will all help build excitement and convey a sense of the race’s proud north east roots.

It is a cherished event in Newcastle and people travel from miles around to take part in the race, mixing all sorts of different cultures and demographics in doing so. The race has passed the 50,000 runner mark consistently and this year it is expected to be closer to the 60 mark which explains how this has become recognized as the world’s second largest half-marathon.

The Bupa Great North Run has become one of the biggest marks on the nation’s calendar in September and to celebrate we are helping those planning to take part through the final stages of their preparation.

What to wear – key items

We all know how difficult it is to look slick whilst running, but with that many spectators there to see you on the big day you’ll probably want to look cool as you trundle along the course gasping for breath. Running clothes have made a fashionable come back though with many sartorial looking items being worn as everyday clothing, with this in mind, we have devised an outfit worthy of showing off.


The most important item you need for the Great North Run is a pair of trainers which you can rely on, there is no point having something which looks good if they’ll tear your feet to pieces with blisters by the end. Thankfully the Nike Roshe Run can hold their function as well as the top running shoes, but crucially it doesn’t compromise its eye-catching style either. Silhouettes like these are increasingly being used in casual outfits in anyway and offer dozens of colours for you to choose from.

Running outfit

A baseball cap can be an underrated and invaluable race day accessory for protection or shading from any hot or bright late summer conditions, any unprepared participant can expect to suffer if they don’t take one of these handy lightweight accompaniments. For weather on the other end of the scale, it is important to think about keeping muscles warm whilst waiting around pre-race. Raincoats, beanies and a pair of choice tracksuit bottoms will help you look and feel relaxed.

Man’s biggest style challenge when taking up running is deciding whether one is a vest or t-shirt type of guy. Luckily you can look the part wearing either. A classic Adidas Originals training t-shirt provides a retro look which will keep a strong stylish edge to your race day outfit. If you are going for the vest it is hard to beat this year’s number by Money clothing. Not only will it provide freedom of movement and a breathable quality through its mesh material, it also looks highly fashionable in black or white so you can forget about looking like a 118 runner and instead look forward to wearing it outside of the race too.

Great North Run – pre-race tips


-Wait for the water stations- It is a common misconception that you will quickly become dehydrated if you set off without sufficient water on board, but drinking too much before the race is arguably just as troublesome. For one you’ll have to stop for the toilet and two you’ll find it extremely uncomfortable and energy sapping to run with the extra weight of water churning round in your stomach. Water stations are present all over the course, when you really need a drink they’ll be in prime position.

-You are what you eat- What you eat in the run up to the starting line will affect your performance in ways you won’t even realise. Food with slow energy release qualities and quality carbohydrates content like brown pasta and rice will keep your levels in check and stop you getting the dizzy sensations which so many runners get each year. A healthy portion of pasta the night before followed by a bowl of porridge and fruit in the morning must be considered the optimum nutritional preparation.

-Wear in your shoes- It is a rookie mistake to turn up in brand new gear on race day, wearing-in time is vital to avoid injury and discomfort. Practice beforehand, get the blisters out of the way and your time on the day will improve drastically.

-Conserving energy- The start of the race is inevitably going to be very busy as each enthusiastic competitor tries to get off to a good start. The way to tell the difference between an experienced and inexperienced runner though is by seeing who has the patience to wait for their gap. When the gun goes off there will be a long wait whilst the pack shuffles down to the start time. Your timer won’t start until you cross the line, so you won’t need to panic about being behind your target, rather than ducking and dodging your way through the crowd, you are better advised to wait, save your energy, and put your foot on the gas in the latter parts of the race where it matters.

Did you know?

The Great North Run actually attracts more runners each year than the London Marathon!

How would you stay looking suave at The Great North Run?


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