English Style Icons – World Cup Special

Written by Robert | 30/06/2014

We all know England’s football team won’t be winning any titles in Brazil in the next few weeks, but their youthful team could well stake a claim for any awards in terms of style off the pitch. Here we have been thinking about the star men in the fashion stakes.

Football players are renowned for having more money than they know what to do with but they aren’t usually credited for a fashion sense to go with it. To be fair, most of their time in the public spotlight is spent wearing shorts, socks, studded boots and team colours, but it is not uncommon to open a glossy magazine and find them wearing a garish, colour-clashing outfits, with designer brands emblazoned on them from head-to-toe like a walking/talking advertising hoarding, and in some occasions a tub full of gel in their hair.

Luckily there are some who try their very best not to fit this stereotype; do you think our players are some of the more sartorially astute big name football players?

Daniel Sturridge



On the field he is one of the most diverse players to wear the famous three-lions jersey, after having the best season of his career so far in a lethal season with Liverpool, combining pace and flair to rightfully rank him alongside the best players in the country. Interestingly, he manages to carry this into his persona off the pitch too, and this has forced many people to talk about him as football’s hipster trend-setter. The man with the funky dancing goal celebration has been seen in some eye-catching outfits to match his quirky nature (below). He is also rumoured to be dating one of Britain’s up and coming fashion models and has a strong presence on social media, often posting stylish pictures on Instagram or exchanging banter with rappers on Twitter.


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Adam Lallana

Another of England’s new kids on the block, he and his club had a season to remember at Southampton and he is set to join England team mate Sturridge at Liverpool next year as the teams thrash out a multi-million pounds deal. Whilst it may be sometime before we find someone to replace David Beckham as English Football’s true style icon, Lallana has at least secured a modelling contract with prestigious designers French Connection. There he’ll be modelling the latest men’s wear items and and looking every bit the eligible footballing style icon which Becks was at the same stage of his career. His slim physique suits the tailored clothing in the French brand’s repertoire and his clean cut looks ensure he’ll probably follow his England team mate Joe Hart’s footsteps and take the commercial side of the game by storm.


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Raheem Sterling 

Making up what is potentially an impressive Liverpool FC triumvirate next season on the pitch, Sturridge, Lallana and Sterling could be one of the most stylish front lines off the pitch too! Teenage forward Raheem Sterling’s young age defies his maturity in terms of dress sense, but he still manages to bring out his colourful personality. He is a live-wire when playing for both club and country, possessing that- almost naive-  fearless quality of taking on his opposition and playing as if he feels no pressure. He proved to be one of our best performers during the disappointing World Cup campaign in Brazil but it has raised his profile further in the game, could he now be a poster boy for the England national team of the future?



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