Fashion Debate: How to Wear Your Joggers

Written by: Robert Charlton | January 31, 2014.

The Issue

After recently generating some strong views on our Facebook and Twitter pages, the do’s and don’ts of wearing joggers seems to be a subject not many of us can agree on at the minute. Some think they should be worn purely in the context of exercise or relaxing, whereas some buy into the recent trend of styling them into a more formal outfit. To complicate the matter we have to contend with which style is the best style choice as there are loose fit, slim, cuffed and even drop crotch fits to think about. As we at Mainline Menswear have a great section of joggers we’ve looked at the best styles available below.

The Modern look

Recent fashion bloggers have been using the dropped crotch slim cuffed joggers as a fashion statement adding it to traditional formal wear such as brogues, button up shirts and blazers for a combination has scarcely been tried before. While the contingent of men who wear joggers solely for the gym may cringe at the thought of this wardrobe selection, some men now wear their joggers this way confident that they are setting a trend that many will soon follow.

Take a look at our version of this look below.


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The Sport look

According to fashionbeans.com “The London Olympics played a huge part in establishing sportswear as a major trend”- and it is a presence which is still reverberating through the industry nearly two years on. The rising popularity of this type of outfit explains the current demand for sport luxe products or in other words the sporty yet luxury look. Mixing the two up can have disastrous results though: if you’re a regular gym goer you should avoid tight or baggy crotched pairs, not only are they extremely impractical but they also make perspiration much more visible.

If you are regular sports jogger wearer but want to spice your gym or casual fashion up, you can still do that by following our next tips. Depending on your preference you could imitate some of the look below, like we have with these Mainline products.

Slim joggers without the dropped crotch are very comfortable and stocked in many different varieties by some great designers, wear these with some stylish Nike Free run’s which don’t look out of place when worn with jeans. Do this and it won’t matter if you are heading for the gym or heading down town- you’ll look ready for either occasion.

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The DON’T do look

Those who like to wear their joggers for sport may not understand wearing joggers in a formal situation, but let’s be clear about this- it isn’t a good idea to wear your old joggers with a suit for work tomorrow! Nor will it work with the wrong type of sweat pant.

Still confused by how to wear them, check these examples of how to pull them off.


Don’t wear anything other than neat cuffed ankle joggers with smart shoes.

Don’t wear joggers with huge logos paired with smart shoes.

Don’t apply the elasticated cuff look to jeans. Like a lot of things in fashion it can’t logically be explained, but it is now consigned to history.

The dressed down look

If you are ready to embrace the casual look and don’t like the slim fit joggers, don’t worry because it is still possible to look good in a loose fit. If you wear this style of fit with some high topped trainers whilst keeping your top half attire relaxed, you are ready to pull off the an ultra-casual look which looks great in the right situation. GQ Magazine said: “Sweats have long been the domain of slovenly Americans at the airport. But now designers have transformed them”, so don’t worry, you won’t automatically become a chav for wearing them in public, the look can work now because the detail on some joggers are more structured and tailored than ever before.

Here, Formula One’s Lewis Hamilton models the look.


If you want to put a look like this together, you could do so like we have here.

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Whilst we have decided there are certain no go areas when wearing jogging bottoms there is no limit to when the right time to wear them is because there are such a vast amount of styles that allow wearers to use their own imagination or creativity to make it work. Our inkling is that the jogger is here to stay in fashion. What do you think? Leave us your ideas in the comments section below.



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