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Written by Robert | 19/05/2014

Here on the Mainline Menswear blog we are taking this week to focus on the impending festival season and an essential list which will see you through the bulky list of festivals to come in the next few months. Today we will be focussing on the things you can’t afford to forget when you set off for your festival this summer.

Wet v Warm

Especially in Britain, festival weather can be unpredictable and nobody should be surprised if the rain comes pouring and your festival field descends into muddy chaos. The most useful item you can pack is a reliable pair of wellies to wade through the dirt and keep you comfortable and dry.

If you are heading to Spain for Benicassim or Croatia for Hideout, the chances are that you are in for a scorcher. One of the first items on your check-list should be a quality pair of sunglasses with proper protection and keep your eyes happy in the process. Day after day of pure sunlight exposure will not only damage your vision, but it will also become extremely irritating when you can’t see anything on stage for the blinding rays of light.


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Overnight v Day Tripper

If you are staying for the full duration then it goes without saying that you’ll need a tent and sleeping bag that you can rely on. Other than this if you stay overnight you are going to need some dry shampoo to eradicate greasy hair, a toothbrush and toothpaste too freshen up, a disposable cooker because, well, BBQ’s and festivals come hand-in-hand, then lastly some paracetamol because for some reason people usually get headaches at these events?

For those who prefer to travel down with a day ticket, it’s best to do so as lightly as possible. Apply the sun cream and take a bottle of water because it can be easy to become dehydrated and get a monster sun-burn. Also, you’ll still need classic essentials like money, keys and a phone, so it’s best to have a reliable bag, pouch or at the very least zip pockets to keep them safe.


Apart from being important part of your style there is a lot of use to be had from a well-chosen accessory. It is never idea to bring a hat of some description, protecting you from the sun and also from others seeing your messy bed hair if you are used to having not a single strand out of place. Beanies are far too hot for this time of year but a trilby on the other hand will keep your outfit aesthetically stylish and offer breathable comfort as a reward for those who do choose to take one. Bracelets don’t offer much in practicality but they will look a treat next to your festival band and it will certainly give you an authentic festival look.

The Penfield cape is a great release from this year’s SS14, it combines unrivalled useful qualities with a quirky style which many in the fashion industry think will take off this year and last for a number of festival seasons. This poncho-style will go with pretty much any outfit and it will be wearable whether it’s rain or shine (probably most effective in the rain though!) due to it lightweight construction. So forget your bulky jackets and awkward umbrellas, this jacket is your all-in-one secret to effective festival packing, crucially- keeping you stylish without the fuss.



Festivals probably aren’t the best place for flip flops; if you are going to take them it is definitely a good idea to pack some extra footwear which is sturdy and appropriate to the conditions. They will eventually become very uncomfortable and it is best not to take a chance in Britain where the weather is so unpredictable. For this very same reason it is also best to leave your best white sports trainers at home- even if they are comfortable- because the minute it rains, they will become a write off.

A pair of Levi’s 501’s are a classic festival clothing choice in fair weather but if it’s either too hot or wet and cold it can be precisely the worst choice of clothing. On a warm day they will be unbearably sweaty and uncomfortable and if it pours down they’ll soak the moisture and take the rest of the weekend to dry, so a pair of shorts is usually the best option to combat either problem.


Keeping track of time and general happenings in the world outside can be tricky at a festival, so it is advisable to take a classic watch. Probably not classic in the sense that it’s your valuable dress watch from your 18th birthday, more so in the fact it is simple and robust. The Adidas Santiago ticks all the boxes and comes with a vibrant set of colours to match perfectly with a summer ensemble and your wristbands. Next to tick off the list: a simple phone. If you’ve got an old Nokia 3310 kicking about from the early 2000’s you might be best charging it up and adding a top up rather than take your current smart phone. Yes, your whole life may seem to revolve around it these days but it will undoubtedly run out of battery before the end of your first day and using your cheap replacement will encourage you to use it only for the essential- which is arranging when and where to meet friends. It won’t matter if it takes a beating in a mosh pit and its battery will last all week, so it might seem backwards but it makes perfect sense to take one.

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Here is our definitive selection of 2014 festival essentials:

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