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Written by Robert | 02/07/2014

Weekend Offender are one of the most prominent British brands for association to football and music and this season they have released a product to strengthen this reputation further. The Festival Football Jacket is designed specifically for those who spend their time travelling the country to go to live musical or sporting events and in doing so have to deal with the unpredictable British weather. It has become a trademark of Weekend Offender to give classic garments such as t-shirts, hoodies and shorts a twist by adding references to popular interests such as music, film and sport. In the current seasonal release you can find a selection of t-shirts in the “Rogue” collection which includes cult heroes in the form of celebrities from TV series, Breaking Bad, Hollywood wild man Charlie Sheen and ex-Formula One playboy, James Hunt.

Weekend Offender Festival and Football Jacket

By focussing on their target consumer’s interests they have been able to directly engage with them and lure them towards an interest in the clothing brand itself. They are a unique label and plan to stay relevant by moving with trends in culture rather than fashion, leading ultimately to a strong understanding with both football and music fans and the strong passion they have. It is therefore both logical and intelligent that they have focussed their creative energy on a product which offers something new for these specific interest groups, and that is why the highlight of the brand’s collection here at Mainline Menswear is the Festival and Football Jacket.

It is hard to say where this idea of mirroring popular culture came from but the brand itself was born in the unusual setting of a small town in the Welsh countryside called Merthyr Tydfil, home to brand creators Sam Jones and Rhydian Powell, who started by sewing on the labels themselves. Their passion has led them to excel at what they do and now they reside in London where the flagship store is based, allowing them to further expand their portfolio both in the UK and overseas all of the time.

Weekend Offender jacket collage

Upon the release of the football and festival jacket it is clear to see we have an item which will always be relevant, whether its football season or festival season, people will always be talking about one of these two interests and therefore the overhead cagoule will be perfect all year round to battle either showers at a festival or the elements at a football ground. If you unzip the concealed pocket on the front of the torso you will reveal the true innovation behind this piece which is the transparent patch. This is ideal for texting in the rain, rolling cigarettes perhaps, or for keeping tickets safe from the classic British weather. This is the stand-out design in their line because it embodies everything they are about; subculture and innovation.

Watch the video below to see the transparent pocket in action.

Football and Festival Jackets from Weekend Offender on Vimeo.

Coming in a choice of two primary colours: red or blue, these neutral hues make it easy to throw this item into a variety of outfits with little notice or thought paid to what exactly that might be. You will find that almost any trouser, shorts or footwear look at ease when paired with the pullover jacket, creating a playful, no-nonsense aesthetic which epitomises the label and why they have amassed such a healthy underground following. It is made from 100% nylon and its key characteristics are a funnel neck with a hood which is drawstring adjustable, and elasticated cuffs to ensure it maintains a snug fit.

See the look below:

Festival Jacket outfit

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