How to Care: Keep Your Footwear Looking Fresh

Written by Robert | 29/05/2014

Anyone who has recently bought a decent pair of trainers or shoes will no doubt want to keep their prized possession in-tact and today at Mainline Menswear we present you with a guide on how to do just that.

Mainline-Menswear-Discount-CodeIt only takes one fateful night of trudging across sticky pub dance floors or a sudden downpour to turn the grass under feet into mud, and all of a sudden your pristine white and pearly trainers will lose their “box-fresh” look forever.

We understand the importance of preserving your best designer trainers and keeping them fresher for longer, so we have some inside knowledge to share with you all, learned from years of working with the top brands and footwear designers.

Method 1

Vans and Converse are the most prominent shoe makers using canvas, which is notoriously easy to get grubby. The great thing about these styles of shoe is that not one person seems to wear them in the same way as another person ,some people like to wear these types of shoes with a beaten-up effect- Converse even started selling them with a worn look- but if you are more into the clean-cut, fresh look then the best way to take them back in time is pluck out your old toothbrush.

Many people like to put the shoe in the washing machine and find that this achieves results, but if you want to maintain the shape of your trustee shoes then you should stick to washing only the laces- this can take months’ worth of wear and tear off in itself. However the second step is to fill a bowl with warm water and a strong soap, then find an old toothbrush before scrubbing deep into the canvas. Once this has been done thoroughly, dampen a cloth in water and remove excess soap and dirt from the surface before finally stuffing the insides with newspaper (to absorb moisture) and leave to dry naturally. Putting them on a radiator can alter their shape- so be warned.

Method 2 

If- like many people- you are currently a big fan of Nike Roshe Runs, Adidas ZX 500 Weaves, or any other type of running shoe, the likelihood is that they’ll be made from the mesh type material which is easy to get dirty and equally as easy to damage without the right care. The toothbrush method might prove to be a little too vigorous for this type of shoe and whilst the mesh would clean nicely in the washing machine it would be extremely ill-advised to put it in there and risk it losing shape or ripping from the sole. The best way then is to fill a basin with warm soapy water and get a sponge to dip in and absorb the moisture before dabbing in the dirty areas of the shoe to gently remove visible dirt. This won’t by any means rid your shoes of those deep routed stains, but it will freshen them up without risking any damage.


Method 3

Suede shoes are notoriously difficult to keep under control and are prone to being damaged easily. Firstly, you can combat this by thinking carefully about which occasion you wear them in, and also by taking more care in the first place! However, if you do need to avert an emergency we know some helpful tips. Surely everyone who has owned a pair of suede shoes has experienced the misfortune of getting them wet and having the dye run through to your socks. White vinegar is the secret weapon when it comes to tackling rigid stains, just apply the vinegar to the affected area with a towel and let it soak before massaging the stain out with a soft brush of some description. This will leave yours looking as fresh as when you bought them and will save them from the traumas of the washing machine.

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Keeping the smell away

If it’s a particularly strong smell you are trying to rid your shoes of rather than a visual mark of untidiness. Here are our key points for ensuring it isn’t a stink that ruins your footwear.

  • You could take the cautious approach and buy some baking soda to put in your shoes on a night time. This might be a pain but all you have to do is pop it in for a night and it should eliminate the bad smells- just make sure you remember to go outside and shake off the excess dust before you put them on. 
  • Give your shoes a break. If you wear them day-in-day-out they are going to start smelling a bit. If you alternate days between a couple of pairs it gives them a chance to air out- so give them some down time.
  • Wear socks or a lining to contain the heat and moisture from your feet.
  • Freeze your shoes- 24 hours in the freezer will kill the bacteria build up in your shoes and get rid of the odour. 

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