Just Cavalli Arrives at Mainline Menswear

Written by Robert | 10/04/2014

Major Italian designer brand Just Cavalli has now arrived at Mainline Menswear ready for Spring and Summer 2014. The hugely popular brand aimed at a youthful demographic is available to buy now as the first of potentially many lines.

The collection, consisting of around 20 individual pieces features jeans, short and long-sleeved shirts, polos and t-shirts arrives off the back of growing popularity in the high-street and an expanded product range, known for their youthful appeal and eccentric yet elegant designs.


About the Label

Just Cavalli has earned a loyal base of consumers due to the strong reputation of the owner and chief designer Roberto Cavalli. His work in fashion began in 1970 and he has since built a fashion empire comprising of men’s wear, women’s wear, children’s wear and even jewellery and fragrance collections. Staggeringly, he has opened cafés, clubs and even lent his name to vodka production- a measure of exactly how big this brand name stands amongst fashion’s aspiring competitors.

Also a long time presence in the industry- Cavalli stands alongside the biggest names such as Gianni Versace, Georgio Armani and Mario Prada as one of the stereotyped Italian power-designers, living the excessive lifestyle to boot. Known as a friend to a host of the world’s most prominent celebrities such as J-Lo, Kate Moss and the Beckhams, Roberto Cavalli’s Just Cavalli brand has an immortal status within fashion circles.

just cavalli logo

 The Man behind the brand…

Roberto CavalliThe man himself, creator of the brand, Roberto Cavalli, is a 73-year-old Italian born in Florence and raised in a family with a clothing background. As a textile student, he achieved success early on with floral designs which were picked up by a few hosiery factories.

Fast forward a bit to the 1970s and Cavalli hit the big time with an original leather printing technique, later patenting it and forcing big names at the time to pay attention to his work. Since then, he has become famed for his exotic prints and trademark crocodile and snake skin-printed clothing. Following this period of time, his first name-sake store and collections appeared on the market. After wavering fortunes in the 80’s the brand briefly slipped off the radar, but crucially it has ridden out the emerging influence of rivals to maintain a strong position in the trade.

The Looks

1988 marks the official launch of the Just Cavalli tier of this iconic fashion designer’s brand empire, and this one is known as a label that has accessibility to a wider audience. His taste for the extravagant and expensive fabrics, mixed with lavish prints and cuts are all transferred from his catwalk and high fashion designs down to his latest mass-audience ones.

The SS14 line at Mainline offers a wide spectrum of the brand’s core silhouettes, ensuring there is something for most style preferences. An eclectic mix, this line features recognizable prints of Cavalli’s name and heritage such as on the white”Snake Hips” jeans in white.

Get your summer wardrobe ready.

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SS14 Collection

Just Cavalli AdIn keeping with their aim of attracting a wider audience, simplistic polos, shirts and jeans are included- some with a small touch of Cavalli flair, evident from the logo polo’s subtle collar patterning. Equally the inclusion of t-shirts in the collection shows an apparent appreciation of the everyday consumer, which are in keeping with the brand due to their extrovert printed design.

Snakeskin has barely been at the forefront of consumers’ minds in the summer seasons of late, in fact, it has been strongly avoided by most designers. However Cavalli’s isn’t the only range carrying the daring print and it seems this season could be one to turn the rulebook on its head, proving the veteran designer still has a finger on the pulse.

Prominent designs in the range- including the patterned shirt- are comparable with the rival SS14 Versace line having also applied outgoing prints. Now distributed in 50 countries, this is a Cavalli brand on the crest of a wave, and those who choose to wear Just Cavalli need to be brave and charismatic in equal measure.

Having taken a back seat and presided over his son Daniele’s leading role in the collection for this spring, the main man himself is set to take a much more hands-on role in the AW14 release later this year- meaning exciting times lie ahead fans of Just Cavalli.

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