Lacoste Live- the New Collection and Collaborations

Written by Robert | 28/04/2014

Taking the tradition of Rene Lacoste’s iconic brand and all of its styles, Lacoste Live is the sister-brand which likes to twist the spirit and conventions behind the famous crocodile logo.

Supplementing the sporty French elegance which the Lacoste brand is notorious for, this diverse cut-off is a more youthful and contemporary styled range.

With a much more care-free attitude, Lacoste Live is daring and free of restrictions, linking it closely to the art community who have collaborated on creating clothes in the past two seasons.

2014 Releases

Typically colourful and eccentric in design, this eclectic collection comes with a playful spirit and prides itself in straying off the beaten track, breaking free from expectations. These colours are particularly relevant in the upcoming season and will appeal to the young savvy consumers whose clothes make a statement about their personality, loud and proud.

A quirky addition to the SS14 release is the amount of artistic collaborators who have each contributed their idiosyncratic style onto the brand’s t-shirts. All in all there are 8 illustrators who combine to make up one of the most exciting collections of t-shirts throughout the whole industry. Here we will look at some of the artists behind the season’s t-shirts.

lacoste Live Jumper

Tu Sais Qui

Lacoste Live tu sais que IILacoste Live Tu Sais Qui

The enigma behind the graphics and pseudonym of Tu Sais Qui is a Parisian graphic designer named Marc Armand, independent and highly regarded on a national level in France. He is infamously known for his larger than life use of bright colours and for his collaborations in varying cultural fields. His work embodies the young and vibrant nature of Lacoste Live and he has two original T-shirt designs for the current range which have both been described as portraying a modern-pop style.

Stevie Gee

Sadly having nothing to do with England captain Steven Gerrard (wouldn’t that be cool?), who goes by the same nickname, the artistic Stevie Gee has built his own fan base on the back of illustrating for the music, fashion and extreme sport cultures. Stevie is known for creating bizarre stories from his images, usually resulting in surreal graphics. Stevie’s input to Lacoste is likely to open up the brand to his cult following from diverse backgrounds, solidifying the Lacoste Live reputation as a forward thinking label.

Honet Monsters

Inspired by graffiti work, a young artist discovered spray paint in the 90’s and built a reputation on the street styled urban art work. At the turn of the century he swapped his cans for a paint brush and maintained this urban edge, leading to the collaboration with Lacoste live and creating a new twist on urban style, incorporating baroque influences which mark his own personal tastes and life experiences so far.



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Jiro Bevis

Summarised by cartoon illustrations, the style of Jiro Bevis has been famed for bizarre and crisp animations. Half English and half Japanese, Jiro’s mix of culture is displayed in his work and captures the imagination of those who view it. Using the brand’s signature crocodile, he has re-imagined the brand and designed a piece to help take them in a new direction.

Lacoste Live Jiro bevis

Lacoste L!ve

The commitment to originality is admirably displayed through collaborative work with young artists who distinguish the brand from their successful yet less-imaginative bigger sibling. It remains to be seen how these outside influencers will be used in the future and if the same artists will work further with the brand, but whatever transpires Lacoste Live continues to excite the fashion world with fresh ideas.

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