The Latest adidas ZX Flux Pack

Written by Robert | 20/11/2014

adidas zx flux new packGrowing appetites for running styled footwear shows no signs of letting up in fashion any time soon as adidas release their latest 3 silhouettes in the increasingly popular ZX Flux shoe.

We might be firmly in the midst of winter but these lightweight runners are proving to be just as adept in terms of wear-ability as they were during the summer months. adidas ZX Flux has built on success of theirs and other brands success in this style to create an item that fuses sport and fashion. Other designs of this ilk include the Nike Free Run 2 “Triple Black” which has just recently been released and has the on-trend monochrome look about it.

The three new adidas silhouettes have each got a customised name and printed upper. Covering a broad spectrum of colours, this pack caters for any number of style preferences and brings a new collectable, high-fashion angle to the line.

Here is a closer look at the three:

New ZX Flux Pack


This aptly named design has a mysterious aura thanks to its synthetic upper which is printed with Roman marble cherubs and winged horses, both of which are placed on its plain black exterior. Coming in a dark monochrome palette, all other details such as laces, branding, and midsole all come in a matte black as if to emphasise that design on the upper.

“City Lights”  

Similarly made up of eccentrically printed uppers, the City Lights shoe captures the lively nature of urban life with its eye-catching raw streaks of red, orange and bright blue. Again, the heel cage, eyelets and laces are all matted black to accentuate the uppers but by contrast this shoe has a burnt orange midsole.

ZX Flux

The final design from this season’s trio of releases is the “Trees” shoe with a dark woodland print and a dark camouflage-like complexion, mixing green, brown and black shades. It is incredibly receptive to everyday wear and is arguably the most adaptable to different outfits of those from the art-inspired photo print pack.

Key Features

ZX Flux Mystery– Welded TPU stripes

– Breathable mesh lining

– One-piece nylon upper to allow high definition prints

– Re-imagination of the classic ’80s running shoe

The wearer’s feet will remain completely comfortable and supported thanks to the cushioning Torsion system which it has incorporated from past models. The midsole is a replica of the old ZX 8000- one of the brand’s best loved shoes. It also features a heel stabiliser which means there is much more give in this model than there is in some of its rivals and crucially it can be worn on a day-to-day basis as part of a casual ensemble.

View the ZX Flux online at Mainline Menswear here


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