Mainline Menswear Staff Picks – Lucy Jackson

Written by Kimberley | 14/10/2014

Today is the turn of one of the three Data Processors here at Mainline Menswear, Lucy Jackson, to discuss her favourite brands and put together an outfit. Lucy has been with Mainline Menswear since February this year but came to the job with a lot of existing knowledge about sports brands such as Adidas and Nike and this has been reflected in her outfit choice. Being in the role as a data processor, Lucy not only gets to see the brand’s new lines throughout the seasons before anybody else, but she also gets to inspect each individual piece for the design and quality in order to write a good description for the website.

Lucy is passionate about working in the fashion industry, having the opportunity to see new collections early and being able to get close to fantastic prints and fabrics. “Everyday is different; I never know what will end up coming in on my rail, for example the Orgy t-shirt by Vivienne Westwood!” Lucy predicts that the MA1 flight jackets are set to be a big trend this season with a large selection of bright colours especially from Alpha Industries, and makes a good point; “winter clothing doesn’t have to be all blacks and browns!”


Lucy lists her favourite brands as: Adidas, Asics, Crookes And Castles, Levis and Lacoste. She describes her own personal style as “clean lines with a sporty relaxed feel” and likes wearing boyfriend coats and high top trainers. This is very much portrayed in her outfit choice below:

Lucy staff picks 2

“I wanted to create an outfit for the weekend – something which catches the eye but is relaxed and wearable, and even something I can wear to do the stressful Christmas shopping in! I’ve chosen an MA1 59 as the statement piece and so kept it classic on the bottom with timeless Levis and Adidas Gazelles – I love the transparent sole on this pair!

I’ve brightened up the outfit with a white t shirt, and the bobble hat pulls the outfit together – containing the striking orange found on the lining of many styles of the modern flying jackets and the grey of the Gazelles.

Of course with a flying jacket I had to team it with aviators – Lacoste has some great colour shades available at the moment. I have finished the outfit with a chunky time piece with plenty of dials which I think completes this look.”

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