Movember: is the Moustache Cool Again?

Written by Robert | 03/11/2014

As we rattle through 2014 we have reached the month a growing number of us now know as “Movember”. The moustache-wearing craze of this particular 30 day month has has gone from strength to strength in the past few years and increasing numbers of men worldwide now take part in the challenge to raise money for charity.


It all started in Australia when a group of students thought of growing a moustache during the month to raise money for a good cause- and challenge their male vanity to stick with the garish style- coining the term Movember in the process. By 2003 this had become a nationwide fundraising activity and from there it has become a worldwide initiative associated with raising money for men’s health charities such as those dealing with prostate and testicular cancer.

Over ten years down the line from its initial campaign, Movember is estimated to have raised nearly 350 million pounds for charity organisations during its time and it has become a part of popular culture thanks to support from a number of high profile celebrities and companies. The number of participants signing up with the official Movember Foundation is increasing all of the time and in 2012 that number surpassed 1 million for the first time ever.

You could say growing a moustache has become a popular hobby or pastime for some young males off the back of Movemeber, because plenty of companies now sell pomades, waxes moisturisers, scissors and combs especially for grooming this style of facial hair. With this being the case we should expect that the trend will only grow further in the next few years too.

Despite having been labelled as the furry faux pas by various media outlets and personalities, so many people are taking on the 30 day challenge that it begs the question- is the moustache actually cool again? Whilst not many girlfriends will think so, participants do seem to get an awful lot of joy from having the excuse to experiment with their facial hair style.

Whilst the style itself dates back to archaic times, the moustache was particularly visible in the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s popular culture, especially with sports stars. But whilst we may not look back on the likes of Bruce Grobbelaar, Nigel Mansell and David Seamen as style icons there is something ironically cool about sporting the moustache today, proved by the likes of Brad Pitt and David Beckham who have both grown one outside of the socially acceptable month of November.

The event has become so popular that there is now even an annual “Moscars” and an “International Man of Movember”.

With so many different styles to choose from such as the toothbrush, pencil, handlebar, horseshoe and chevron just to name a few, it takes a connoisseur to master one of these intricate styles, and of course, not every man is genetically able to grow such fabulous face fur- and so we are hearing more and more of “follicle transplants” to make certain men’s facial hair look more impressive and masculine.

It will probably take a while for it to have the year-round appeal it once did and the full beard still remains a much more popular choice of facial hair style, but with Movember becoming more popular each year it’s clear the moustache is becoming more than just a humorous challenge in aid of charity.

Are you going to be growing one this month? Do you think it’s a fashionable style once again? Let us know…

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