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Written by: Robert Charlton | March 3, 2014.

Buying a new shirt isn’t as straightforward as many of you may think. As well as considering the colour, fit, style, pattern, cuffs and collar it is equally important to think about what they should be worn with.

Shirt styles come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, Vivienne Westwood’s range offers a broad mix of different styles, suitable for any number of outfits.

We always need a good shirt and always will do, so before you plunge into buying your next one, you might want to read this guide first.

It is obvious that different colours reflect different personalities and that different styles suit different people, but it is important to recognise which shirts suit which occasions.

Below: Our guide to Vivienne Westwood shirts at Mainline Menswear

viv west shirt coll

Button Collar-


One of the most popular designs at present, the button collar attaches the main body of the shirt to the tips with two small buttons. The shirt can be smart or casual by virtue of its ability to either carry a tie or look as effective without one. From originally serving a practical purpose of preventing a curled up collar and being associated with work wear, you will now see this shirt increasingly used in social environments.

To make the most of a shirt like this you could wear it buttoned up to the top with the collar also buttoned to give off the preppy look which is really popular with this style of shirt at the minute. To incorporate a shirt like this into your outfit you could wear chukka boots chinos and possibly a cardigan or V-neck jumper if it is a bit chilly outside. See the look here.

shirt outfit 1shirt outfit 2shirt outfit 3

Point Collar-


If you buy a shirt with a point collar nowadays you are most likely buying a dress shirt. The straight pointy finish with a small spread exudes a sense of sophistication without looking too formal to mix in to a more casual ensemble. The all-round and generic shape of this shirt allows it to fit perfectly with any number of suit lapels and ties, but I can also look the highlight of casual when worn with buttons down, jeans and loafers. See the look at Mainline here.

0000 ss pics 088 074point coll outfit 1point coll outfit 2

Spread Collar-


The spread collared shirt is rarely seen worn without a tie and because of its distance between the collars points which allows a large frame for the tie to sit. Sometimes known as a cutaway collar too it compliments those with a slim frame by making the wearer look more set with the widening collar to the shoulders.

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Get the look above here.

Vivienne Westwood

Being the innovative clothier that they are it should be no surprise that Vivienne Westwood have their own original shirt designs which fuse modern design with classic and traditional clothing. Here we feature 3 classic designs in the current range. The most distinctive is probably the Krall collar with three buttons around the neckline. This design is a perfect eye-catching design for a dressy occasion, each design in the range covers a certain way of dressing. Here are our picks of outfits to combine them with.

Look 1

viv 1vivvvy2vivy2

Look 2

viv2shirt outfit 2viv shoe

Look 3

viv 3vivviv outfit2

Knitted Collar-


An increasing number of brands are using the knitted collar as a way of modernising their shirts and giving them an urban/ casual twist. Brands that have done this include Fred Perry, Lyle & Scott and Carharrt, and it makes wearing shirts with casuals such as jeans and trainers far easier to pull off.

knit collar 1knit collar 2knit collar 3


Above: TV’s funny man Harry Hill and football pundit Mark Lawrenson are style icons for all of the wrong reasons. 



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