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Written by Robert | 08/07/2014

If there’s ever a time to get a new pair of sunglasses on order, that time is now! Temperatures are peaking and many people have a holiday on the horizon, so it’s just as important to look cool as it is to protect your eyes from those harmful bright rays. Thankfully at Mainline Menswear, there is ample choice of items to do both for you.

Here we have always had strong collections from expert eye-wear brands such as Ray Ban and Oakley, not to mention fashionable labels like Prada and Armani who everyone knows can make a cool pair of shades. But the sunglasses segment of the market is developing all of the time and this year we have noticed the emergence of two potential key players in this field; Nike and Lacoste, who have landed with their most extensive and quality ranges yet.


Nike LogoNike Sunglasses

The sportswear giants Nike like to stick to what they do best and they have plenty of designs to whet the appetite of their loyal fans, primarily designed for those of us with an active lifestyle and a sporty pedigree. One of the more intriguing designs is the Nike Grind model which comes in a choice of black or white and has the visible swoosh branding in the temple region. This particular frame is the ideal summer lifestyle pair, perfect for relaxing on the beach or for use in an active summer sport such as surfing. Nike are the best around when it comes to making sports products with a stylish edge and the Adrenaline frame is a product designed to be lightweight and give a crisp view in any complexion. These qualities make them perfect for a runner, golfer, tennis player  or for pretty much anyone taking part in sport. But crucially, they are versatile and stylish enough for everyday use and can offer the wearer 100 percent UVA and UVB protection. The Nike collection offers the proponent of an active lifestyle a complete selection of styles to choose from, using the strong branding as a styling technique. Coming at a reasonable price in the designer sunglasses category too, it is hard to ignore this 2014 range.


Lacoste lgolacoste ls732

The French brand with a rich heritage in sport and more specifically tennis has stretched its collection in much the same way as Nike to become one of the biggest sunglasses collections here at Mainline. Much more of a lifestyle brand than a technical sports brand like the aforementioned Nike, Lacoste can add the likes of the stylish Gunmetal Aviator to the L732S Pique Arm Wayfarer, which both show a preference to put style before function and are both samples of some of the most popular styles in recent memory. With a mix of subtle and strong branding you can choose here which style will become the cornerstone of your summer style.


Highlights of 2014

OakleyPerennial eyewear specialists Oakley are known as the experts in the technical elements of sunglasses, they have inter-changeable lenses and the Tour de France model is the most sophisticated performance product on the market with its light adjusting lenses and Switchlock Technology, making it easy to customise the fit of your pair. Even Oakley’s style based products like the Frogskins come with 100% UV protection as standard and while Oakley are known to be aimed at those with an active lifestyle they have a popular status in fashion too and their latest releases are always highly anticipated.

PradaLineaRossaPrada Linea Rossa and Sport make up a substantial section of sunglasses containing upwards of 25 models and at least half a dozen styles, the emphasis here is on the sport aesthetic and function but the Linea Rossa in particular is a range which marries that with the image of an impeccable fashion accessory, with trademark designer Italian class.


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