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Written by Robert | 22/01/2014

As fashionbeans.com recently weighed up “5 of the Best Sneakers of All Time”, it is a good opportunity to review our own choices of the best footwear on the current market. The key to a good pair of trainers is a combination of style, durability, comfort and the adaptability to be worn on different occasions. This practicality is sourced from the trainer’s deep routed history in sport where they first rose to prominence, and with the help of global sporting icons they have fuelled a multibillion-pound industry. Their expansion into high end fashion is endorsed by the fact that the likes Louis Vuitton and Armani have made their own in recent years. With this in mind, here is our selection.

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Adidas Samba

The timeless style of the Samba is evident in the fact it was first designed back in 1950 and remains one of the best selling shoes around to this day. Its sporty heritage means it is the ultimate in casual trainers and its simple design means it can be worn with any number of different outfits. Don’t expect the Samba to disappear any time soon either, it is a trainer which has been around for 60 years and still never looks out of context. If you are looking for a trainer that you can rely on, why not look at our selection here.

Nike Roshe

In much the same way as the Samba, the Roshe has emerged from a sport-minded design to tap into everyday fashion and is now just as popular with a pair of jeans as it is with a pair of shorts. It shares some of the characteristics of the Samba too- its simplistic design and appearance give it the touch of elegance that helps pull it off with everyday clothes. It is one of the more recent designs on this list, but has enjoyed a hugely successful period already and spawned many different colour variations for buyers to choose from. Time will tell as to whether it can maintain its popular status like the Samba, but it has to be one of the most innovative designs of recent times. If you are looking for a pair of trainers with a contemporary abstract design that will hold their own in years to come, this pair is a safe bet.
Nike Roshe

Vans Milton

Vans have built themselves a solid reputation since their emergence in the skateboarding community in 1960’s California; the trainers are renowned for comfort and robustness. Much like all classic trainers that have longevity on the high street, the Milton trainer carries a simplistic design which allows it to live through different trends and ages of fashion. Its traditional association with shorts and sun has grown to include rugged jeans and winter weather, amongst many other suitable occasions. If you are looking for versatile footwear then you don’t need to look any further than our range of the Milton’s.
Vans Milton

Cruyff Recopa

Just like the legendary footballer Johan Cruyff, the trainers carrying the Dutch man’s name are high quality. Designed specifically with that in mind, Cruyff’s range of trainers have in turn become fashionable casual wear and the success of the Recopa model boils down to the use of high quality materials which give them stand out durability and great individuality. The trainers traditionally include small unique details such as the leather trim on the heel and tongue of the Recopa, or with details such as diamond stitches on other designs in the collection. These diverse characteristics are perhaps what make them such a popular item amongst sport and fashion enthusiasts all over the world. To stand out from the crowd and own a high end pair of trainers, our Cruyff range is the perfect place to look.

Lascoste Marcels

When you think of shoes that have merged sport and casual wear there really is no better example than the Marcel’s. The brand’s sporting tradition dates back to Rene Lacoste’s tennis career in the 1930’s which inspired the lightweight designs of today which are equally comfortable if using for sport or for walking down town in smart wear. Lacoste have become the go-to brand for white trainers and would be a perfect purchase for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. The world famous crocodile logo is a small detail on the side of this trainer which should ensure it continues to be one of the more popular items of footwear for buyers in the future. To see our current range, click here.

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