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Written by Robert | 20/10/2014

One of Britain’s most prestigious designers, Paul Smith, has revealed his brand’s latest menswear collection for autumn winter season, and you can find it online now at Mainline Menswear.


The designer has recently been involved in an exhibition which offers a small insight into the creation and inspiration behind his famous eclectic lines. Entitled “Hello, My Name is Paul Smith”  the event in London will run until next March, charting the designer’s rise to prominence and offering a glimpse in to what the future may hold for his highly regarded fashion label.


This latest collection at Mainline Menswear is the biggest for a number of years and features dozens of original designs made in true Paul Smith style. Since he created the brand way back in 1970 near to his home in Nottingham, Paul and his brand have continued to grow in stature, from being a 3×3 metre boutique shop to the point that today it is an internationally recognized name with stores all over the world. In 2000, Paul became Sir Paul as he received the ultimate honour of being knighted by the Queen for his achievements in fashion.

The 68-year-old designer has now been in the industry for an unprecedented 40 years and this unusual feat has put him on a pedestal above nearly every other British designer out there. Everything about the brand, stores, products and styles of the Paul Smith are all reminiscent of his eccentric character, and to add to that they are all identifiably British.

Historically renowned for his use of both contemporary and archived patterns, he has shown a preference for a more subdued colour palette this year in line with the winter season, but his products still feature the famous multi-tonal patterning of which any true fan will be well accustomed to. Smith- who is a keen photographer and sometimes even shoots the brand’s imagery himself- has included patterning and embroidery relating to a number of different cultures, and considering he loves travelling it is safe to assume these a personal touches which show the influences on his creative thinking in recent times.

Paul Smith Shirt

Even despite the unfamiliar presence of Middle Eastern paisley-style prints and feathered patterns, Smith’s creations are all able to maintain their sense of British tailoring and tradition which consumers value the most. In-keeping with Paul Smith’s own traditions, the latest collection features the usual array of prints and motifs in off-beat and quirky fashion. This time you will find references to colonial cult hero Geronimo of Native America as well as depictions of animals and musically influenced graphics (as seen below). View the diverse range of t-shirts at Mainline Menswear here.

Paul Smith t-shirts

Overall the collection has a retro 1960’s theme and that vibe is transmitted throughout the whole line and one design in particular features a tribute to the South Colorado art scene of that very same decade with its bold geometric designs and vibrancy conveyed through a pair of printed graphic t-shirts.

Paul Smith continues to set the standards for other British designers to aspire to and despite his much publicised success and wealth -not to mention reputation- his raw enthusiasm is still the most notable attribute he has; even after such a long time in the industry, his creativity has never abated him. Considering that they now operate in upwards of 60 countries worldwide, the designs and image of the Paul Smith brand still manages to convey a personal touch and it is perhaps this quality which helps to maintain such a significant level of popularity.

No one look is symbolic of this years range but as usual Paul Smith is a great brand to style simple profiles such as t-shirt and jeans, transforming them and making them feel that extra bit special or smart. A pair of Paul Smith’s dark navy jeans have an aura of sophistication and will give a smart relaxed look when combined with almost any of the line’s crew neck jumpers or plaid shirts. Shop Paul Smith at Mainline Menswear here.

Paul Smith Outfit

Paul Smith Banner


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