Penfield x Baartmans & Siegal

Written by Robert | 24/09/2014

Baartmans & Siegal with PenfieldDistinguished American outdoor clothing specialists Penfield have looked to breath new life into some of their most cherished creations by teaming up with the London based brand Baartmans & Siegal, who themselves are an up and coming name on the menswear circuit.

Penfield x BaartmanAs a result the two brands have created a collection which has had industry insiders eagerly rubbing their hands together in anticipation and the capsule has finally dropped for the latest autumn/winter season.

You can find two brand new interpretations of the Kasson and Hoosac pieces at Mainline Menswear, a skilled outerwear collaboration which combines ideas and sees the best aspects of each of the joined forces to create a flawlessly stylish end result.

Penfield and Baartmans launchPenfield are considered masters of creating products for the great outdoors and have been for a number of years now, whereas by contrast B&S are a dynamic young label who are brimming with fresh ideas in the luxury menswear field. Their most significant work to date has been in collaboration with luxury brands, such as a recent suede tipped brogue range with traditional shoe-maker Grenson. With the hope of combining the sacred qualities of functionality and luxury, they have together taken a nostalgic look into Penfield’s heritage in hiking and outdoor apparel, hoping to re-capture some of the classic styles, colours and utility of the garments to create a technical product with contemporary style innovation at its core.

Penfield badgeThe pair have released three silhouettes to begin with but who is to say this partnership won’t bear more fruit in the future should it be well received. The two we have right now at MM have been re-mastered from their original form in terms of technical construction to continue the company’s ethos of pushing the boundaries of durability, function and overall quality for the end consumer. Both designs come in a dark black colour scheme- which ties in nicely with the current season menswear trend of black oversized jackets- and both have seen a significant technical overhaul. The Hoosac is now made in a much tougher fabric to give it better wind resistant qualities  but it compromises none of its lightweight properties of comfort. Similarly, the Kasson has been developed extensively to loose excessive weight and much like the Hoosac it now boasts wind and rain proof resistance with a much crisper and cleaner parka-style aesthetic. From the classic to contemporary piece in Penfield’s collection, these latest pieces of outerwear have been developed to translate across different environments and individual styles, particularly for “Life in the Open”, such is their motto.

Penfield Look 2Baartmans and Siegal’s input also adds strength to that particular notion, having apparently drawn influence from the challenging Arctic landscapes and its vague minimalism. Just like Penfield, B&S has become known for its dedication to advancing the outerwear segment of the market and they have expressed a desire to create a feel of joint adventure between brand and consumer, creating a special bond of trust. The design duo have tried to bring a touch of craft and indulgence into the world of outdoor clothing which has ultimately led to the highly thought of collaboration which we see today with Penfield. The three performance coats produced are a mix of sharp tailoring, attention-to-detail and a wealth of insulating features. Taking the shape of Penfield’s iconic silhouettes they have called upon B&S’s expertise in fitting luxury details such as hidden seams, pockets, zippers and extravagant fur trims.

Neutral black tones can translate through multiple styles and looks, but you’ll probably find that these statement jackets will work particularly well with boots in the autumn season or with darkened retro runners such as a pair of navy Nike Air Max’s. A plain white shirt and dark jeans will give a timeless slick look.

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