Raw for the Oceans Project: G Star Raw x Pharrell Williams

Written by Robert | 07/04/2014


World-renowned US musician Pharrell Williams has teamed up with clothing brand G-Star Raw to work on an eco-friendly clothing line named Raw for the Oceans.

The capsule collection due to land on August 15, 2014, is an initiative that is based upon recycling plastic waste collected from the sea and re-using it to make denim products.

Williams, also the owner of Bionic Yarn, takes the role of creative director at the company who transform fibres from plastic into durable textiles, for this project he will double up as a co-designer for the G-Star Raw clothing which is produced.

Watch the Raw for the Oceans campaign video below

As well as maintaining a successful career as a singer, rapper, songwriter and producer, the 41-year-old has proved he has some entrepreneurial nous, heading up his own brands- Billionaires Boys Club and Ice Cream along with further collaborations with Adidas and Uniqlo to name just a couple.

Man-of-the-moment Pharrell has had a successful 12 months including number one chart hits with “Happy”, “Get Lucky” and “Blurred Lines”- all despite a growing presence in the fashion industry.

Pharrell is now one of the worlds most sought after collaborators owing to his extremely marketable name and presence going beyond just the world of pop music. Equally valuable in fashion is the image of being a green or eco-friendly label, a tag all modern clothing brands want to be attached to their products. This latest project provides G-Star Raw with their first opportunity to utilise the green image, their expertise combined with that of Bionic Yarn’s should provide the ultimate hybrid product.

Bionic Yarn and Dutch brand G-Star will continue contributing after the initial collection with the Vortex Project, an idea started by non-profit company Parley, whose aim is to come up with ways to recycle harmful plastic waste from the ocean. A vortex is a term given for the mass collection of plastic waste in the ocean, it is said that somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean there is a build-up of plastic which is the size of Britain.

Making denim out of plastic is a previously unheard of method but as a brand famous for their innovative techniques, challenging the accepted methods of the industry, G-Star Raw are the ideal partner for the scheme. The method will be implemented by

An idea of taking the negatives of waste plastic in the ocean such as pollution, wildlife consumption and potential entry into the food chain, then turning this into a positive such as using it as a means of producing new raw material and reducing pollution represents a ground-breaking new technique which is destined to have repercussions throughout the industry, shaping the way future clothes are manufactured.

Bionic Yarn hopes to dispel the notion that material made from sustainable sources will feel uncomfortable or less luxurious than traditional fabrics, this method has been applied to a number of other fabrics including khaki and canvas.


Chart-topper Williams hopes his venture with Bionic Yarn will prove to be equally fruitful to his music and additional fashion designing career, proving he is more than just a modern pop icon, but also a legitimate businessman and self-made brand himself.

These days you will rarely see him without his trademark hat; could it be in future that we don’t see any denim products constructed without a recycled raw material?

Expect to find the Raw for the Oceans collection stocked in the Mainline Menswear collection very soon.

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