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Written by Robert | 18/03/2014

FC Barcelona

Multi-national denim specialists Replay, of Italy, are the renowned outfitters of FC Barcelona who are known for their free-flowing, aesthetically pleasing football and for being the dominant force in the sport’s European competition over the past decade. Also home of arguably the world’s greatest footballer, Lionel Messi, FCB have a reputation envied by their rivals.

Perhaps aiming to tap into this worldwide fan base and image or hoping to emulate their success, Replay has used this partnership as a symbol of “pioneering commitment to innovation”.

The club will wear a casual suit made from denim when travelling on official club tours. In addition they will also be provided with casual outfits including jackets, t-shirts and jeans.

Replay and FCB agreed a four-year partnership in 2013


Replay have invented a new way of using denim which they have entitled DenimZero, this idea is formulated around the premise of creating a pair of jeans with high-pressure ice crystals to remove indigo from the surface, a process which also reduces water consumption by 90% and therefore minimising its environmental impact. A method helping it stand as one of the leading “green brands” in the industry.

The DenimZero comes in two distinct styles, one the Anbass and the other being the Waitom. As the graphic below illustrates the Waitom is a straight-legged regular slim jean with a regular waist fit, and the Anbass has a snug fit around the thigh and tapers down towards the hem.

replay Fit guide



Replay’s jeans are known within the industry for being more suitable for those with a longer leg; however this lends itself nicely to the selvedge style of jeans which are a prominent mark of style in the contemporary field of men’s fashion.

Here is how you can replicate the selvedge turn-up look with your Replay jeans:

Replay Selvedge

The Replay Look

Replay’s status as one of the foremost denim producers in men’s clothing allows them to experiment and make bold statements through their designs. The double-denim look is notoriously difficult to pull off but Replay used FC Barcelona to do just that, proving that their refined details can reinterpret elegance and transfer their denim expertise into a formal context; a feat which has scarcely been achieved before.

In terms of casual outfitting Replay have used complex washes and indigo colouring to create a unique identity. The use of quality denim has led to a loyal customer base stretching over 50 countries and continents such as Africa, Europe, Asia, America and the Middle East. Still based in their Italian routes of Treviso, the company now boasts over 200 stand alone stores with an enormous further 5000 concession retailers.

Create the Barcelona look at Mainline with these items:

fcb replay

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